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$exe = "C:\Vmware\vcbMounter.exe" $host = "server" $user = "joe" $password = "password" $machine = "somepc" $location = "somelocation" $backupType = "incremental" & $exe -h $host -u $user -p $password -s "name:$machine" -r $location -t $backupType
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Easy-to-use Using ROME to parse and generate newsfeeds is easy. ROME can represent any newsfeed as a simple abstract Java object model. Complete ROME can differentiate, parse, and generate every commonly used variant of RSS and Atom, including extensions.
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Submits the form via HTTP-POST
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KeyPress event to force a text box to contain only integer values, you do not want to spend precious operating system cycles percolating this event up through the set of containing objects for the text box. A parent control such as a Panel or GroupBox will only receive a keyboard event if it specifically has the focus. This presents a slight problem for subclasses of the ContainerControl object, and in particular the Form object. As you may recall, a ContainerControl object manages the focus for the contained controls, and does not receive the focus directly. There are plenty of situations where you would like to initiate an action from the keyboard regardless of the current control. The good folks at Microsoft created the KeyPreview property in the Form class for just this purpose. When this property is set to true, the Form object will receive all keyboard events before they are passed to the current control. If the event handler sets the Handled property to true, then the current control will not receive the keyboard key or corresponding character. Let s create an example of this in our MyPhotos program by handling the plus + and minus characters. The plus character will display the next photograph in the album, while the minus will display the previous photograph. We would like these to occur at the Form level, and not just in our Panel object where the image is displayed. The following table presents the steps required for this change.
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CHAPTER 10: Using Your iPhone as a Phone
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A common use of threads is to wait for some event to occur. The ThreadPool class provides built-in support for waiting for a WaitHandle-derived object to become signaled. At the point the WaitHandle object becomes signaled, the WaitOrTimerCallback delegate is invoked. WaitOrTimerCallback accepts two parameters. The first is an object that contains state information used by the callback to perform any needed processing. The second parameter indicates why the method is being invoked. If the second parameter is true, the method is being invoked because the WaitHandle-derived object became signaled. If the parameter s value is false, the WaitHandle-derived object did not become signaled during the specified timeout. Listing 10.1 demonstrates using the ThreadPool class s RegisterWaitForSingleObject.
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CHAPTER 5: C Basics: Variables and Operators
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Touch to see Video Highlights
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XmlNodeList descNodes = item.GetElementsByTagName("description"); if (descNodes.Count > 0) { Console.Out.WriteLine("Description: " + descNotes.Item(0).FirstChild.Value); } XmlNodeList dateNodes = item.GetElementsByTagName("date", "http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/"); if (dateNodes.Count > 0) { Console.Out.WriteLine("Date: " + DateTime.Parse( dateNodes.Item(0).FirstChild.Value)); }
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In XAML, referencing an event handler defined in code-behind is simple. In fact, if you use Visual Studio when doing so, the event handler in the code-behind can be created for you automatically. For example, if we have a button in XAML:
Padding JSON
22.4 Keyframing
SQLOS Wait analysis Common performance problems Correlating waits and queues
#import "SwitchViewController.h" #import "Ein1Controller.h" #import "Ein2Controller.h" @implementation SwitchViewController @synthesize ein1Controller; @synthesize ein2Controller; - (void)viewDidLoad { Ein1Controller *ein1Controller = [[Ein1Controller alloc] initWithNibName:@"Einstein1View" bundle:nil]; self.ein1Controller = ein1Controller; [self.view insertSubview:ein1Controller.view atIndex:0]; [ein1Controller release]; } - (IBAction)switchViews:(id)sender { // Lazy load - we load the Einstein2View nib the first time the button is pressed if (self.ein2Controller == nil) { Ein2Controller *ein2Controller = [[Ein2Controller alloc] initWithNibName:@"Einstein2View" bundle:nil]; self.ein2Controller = ein2Controller; [ein2Controller release]; } if (self.ein1Controller.view.superview == nil) //This is with no animation { [ein2Controller.view removeFromSuperview]; [self.view insertSubview:ein1Controller.view atIndex:0]; } else { [ein1Controller.view removeFromSuperview]; [self.view insertSubview:ein2Controller.view atIndex:0]; } } -(id)initWithNibName:(NSString *)nibNameOrNil bundle:(NSBundle *)nibBundleOrNil { if (self = [super initWithNibName:nibNameOrNil bundle:nibBundleOrNil]) { } return self; }
[Column(Name= ID , IsPrimaryKey=true)] public Guid BookId { get; set; }
The Customers table has a clustered index on Customer_ID and a nonclustered composite index on the Last_Name, First_Name. These are expressed in listing 2.
-(void)preload { . . . colors = (CGFloat *) malloc(4 * 6 * kMaxParticles * sizeof(CGFloat)); }
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