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Build ECC200 in Objective-C Figure 6-3. Our sample application s Xcode project

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BOOL shouldClose = YES; if ([delegate respondsToSelector:@selector(windowShouldClose:)]) shouldClose = [delegate windowShouldClose:self]; // ask delegate for permission if (!shouldClose) return; This programming style has elements of aspect-oriented programming, where common capabilities ( aspects ) are scattered across heterogeneous classes. This design pattern is repeated for other window related activities. The window delegate can intervene in the resizing of a window, but only if it implements the -windowWillResize:toSize: method. A delegate is given the opportunity to prepare for a modal dialog sheet, but only if it implements the -window:willPositionSheet:usingRect: method. Testing an object for class membership, protocol conformance, and method implementation is covered in more detail in 10.
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CPU configuration
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Figure 12.14 In Step 3 of the data-driven subscription wizard, specify the query statement used to return the recipient list.
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Back to our btnLoad_Click method, the code used here matches the code used for the MyForm program in chapter 1. Take another look at the InitializeComponent method in the Windows Form Designer generated code region. You will notice that Visual Studio has added the Click event handler for the btnLoad control.
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Since expansion is performed only in double quotes and not in single quotes, you get an error because the unexpanded path doesn t exist. Take a look at the next example:
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Following are some of the things you can do when connected . . . Access and download apps (programs) from the App Store. Access and download music, videos, podcasts, and more from iTunes on your iPad. Browse the Web using Safari. Send and receive e-mail messages. Use social networking sites that require an Internet connection, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Use your iPad as a phone with the Skype app (See 22: Social Networking). Play games that use a live Internet connection. Anything else that requires an Internet connection.
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It turns out that the granularity problem isn t difficult to solve. We wouldn t even discuss it if it weren t for the fact that it s visible in so many approaches, including the DataSet. We describe the solution to this problem in section 3.6. A much more difficult and interesting problem arises when we consider inheritance, a common feature of object-oriented design.
Data binding with WPF
Here are some critical components to the architecture. You ve added three instance variables to track the network state of your application. NetworkStatus is an enum defined by the Reachability set of classes. The enum provides you with an elegant interface that returns values for the different network states your device may be in. An iPod touch will never be able to speak through a carrier data network interface, but it will be capable of obtaining a WiFi connection. You also set a Boolean here that simply holds the state of the network. I ll get to what exactly managedObjectModel, managedObjectContext, and persistentStoreCoordinator are soon.
Listing 10.14 Registering a DependencyProperty with the property system
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