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Settings Property FormBorderStyle MaximizeBox MinimizeBox Size Text Value FixedSingle false false 150, 230 Pixel Values
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Basic authentication is an industry authentication standard; however, the password is Base64 encoded before it is sent over the network. Base64 encoding is not an encryption algorithm, so it can be easily decoded. This means that someone on your network could use a network sniffer to intercept and decode the password. The final option in the Authentication Methods dialog box is .NET Passport Authentication, which is new to IIS 6. This option allows you to follow a standard security model; the authentication of your user accounts is managed by one source. All that is required is that you register as a Passport realm, and then you can begin using Passport for authentication. Before IIS 6, you had to download the Passport SDK and write many lines of ASP.NET code to be able to use Passport; now, all you have to do is select the checkbox in this dialog box. With .NET Passport authentication, when users request a page, they are first redirected to the .NET Passport logon page. After they are authenticated, they are redirected to the page they originally requested. Once authenticated, IIS AUTHENTICATION 93
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Table 13.3 MakeCert parameters used to create a self-signing authority MakeCert parameter -r -n "CN=PowerShell Local Certificate Root" -a sha1 Description Instruct the utility to create a self-signed certificate. This allows us to specify the X.500 name to use for the certificate subject. We re going to use CN= PowerShell Local Certificate Root . This selects the algorithm used to generate the signature hash. It can be either md5 or sha1 The default is md5 but this is no longer consid. ered robust so we ll choose sha1 instead. Inserts a set of comma-separated Enhanced Key Usage (eku) object identifiers (or OIDs) into the certificate. In our case, the enhanced use we want is for code signing. That is, we want to create a key for the particular purpose of signing executable files. Specify the name of the file where the private key is to be written. In this example, a file called root.pvk will be created in the current directory. Subject s certificate store name that stores the output certificate. Specify whether the certificate is to be created in the current user s store or the local machine store. The default is CurrentUser, but we want this certificate to be machine-wide so we specify LocalMachine.
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SELECT DATEADD(mm,-number,CONVERT(varchar(8),GETDATE(),112)) FROM dbo.Numbers WHERE number < 100 ORDER BY number
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This program produces the following output:
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Standard main function
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#define, 275 #elif, 275 #else, 275 #endif, 275 #if, 275 #line, 277 #pragma warning disable, restore, 278 #region, 277 #undef, 275 #warning, 277 += operator, 221 = operator, 221
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if ( myInt == 5 ) printf( "myInt is equal to 5" );
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This is a recursive, bidirectional, one-to-many association, as briefly discussed in chapter 3. The one-valued end is mapped with the <many-to-one> element and the Set typed property with the <set>. Both refer to the same foreign key column: PARENT_CATEGORY_ID. Suppose you create a new Category as a child category of Computer (see figure 4.4).
For i = 0 To files.Length - 1 ProcessFile(work, files(i)) RaiseEvent Entry(i, work, files(i)) If (work.includePause) Then
CHAPTER 12: Categories
Apple Inc., Resolution Independence Guidelines, http://developer.apple.com/documentation/ UserExperience/Conceptual/HiDPIOverview/, 2007.
The boundaries can also be negative:
To achieve this result, your group clause needs to contain an anonymous type that combines the Publisher and Subject properties of a Book object. In listing 5.4, we use a composite key instead of a simple key.
To create a new object, we send the new message to the class we re interested in. Once the class receives and handles the new message, we ll have a new object instance to play with. One of the nifty features of Objective-C is that you can treat a class just like an object and send it messages. This is handy for behavior that isn t tied to one particular object but is global to the class. The best example of this kind of message is allocating a new object. When you want a new circle, it s appropriate to ask the Circle class for that new object, rather than asking an existing circle. Here is Shapes-Object s main() function, which creates the circle, rectangle, and spheroid:
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