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You may see a number higher than 9.2, that is fine. Select your Operating System (OS) NOTE: You should select 64-bit if you run a 64-bit operating system. Enter your email (optional)
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devInf="<DeviceInfo><StreamRoot>" + Application.UserAppDataPath+ "/</StreamRoot></DeviceInfo>"; Specifies the download location result = rs.Render( ) // render the report // render the images when report is exported to HTML if ("html" == format.Substring(0, 4).ToLower()){ foreach (string streamID in streamIDs) { byte [] image = rs.RenderStream(reportPath, format, streamID, null, null, proxyParameters, out optionalString, out optionalString);
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Export Rules Associated to an Agent Script
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Creating your own cmdlets and modules
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Now you can invite people to your calendar events. Here are the steps to follow: 1. 2. Tap your Calendar icon to start your calendar. Touch the + button in the lower right corner to schedule a new event.
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IComparable interface, 294 295 IComparer interface, 295 298, 300 IDisposable interface, 66 69, 191 IEnumerable.GetEnumerator( ), 190 IEnumerator interface, 186, 188 190 Iformattable interface, custom object formatting, 386 387 IgnoreCase option, RegEx class, 162 IgnorePatternWhitespace option, RegEx class, 162 IhashCodeProvider interface, 306, 308 309 IL Disassembler (ILDASM), Visual Studio .NET, 18 19 IL language coding, using Reflection.Emit, 357, 359 361 immutable classes, 82 83 immutable type, strings, 157 implicit conversions, 129, 253 index function, strings, 157 indexer, 16 IndexerNameAttribute, 192 indexing. See also enumerators indexer design guidelines, 192 with integer index, 179 181 with multiple parameters, 183 185 with string index, 181 183 IndexOf( ), string operation, 158 inheritance, 40 41 and interfaces, 89 91 in .NET CLR (Common Language Runtime), 2 role in object-oriented systems, 1 2 initialization, classes, 65 input/output BinaryReader and BinaryWriter classes, 389 detecting process completion, 393 reading and writing files, 390 redirecting process output, 392 serial ports, System.IO.Ports namespace, 389 starting processes, Process class, 392 Stream class, 388 389 StringReader and StringWriter classes, 389 TextReader and TextWriter classes, 389 traversing directories, 390 392 XmlTextReader and XmlTextWriter classes, 389 Insert( ) method string modification method, 158 StringBuilder class, 160
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<MinusMinusToken> = '--' <RangeOperatorToken> = '..'
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The upshot of all this is that the menu item s target object, whether configured explicitly or found in the responder chain, is the one that decides whether the menu item should be enabled (at the current time) or not. This means that you have complete dynamic control over each menu item. By implementing validateUserInterfaceItem: in each of your classes containing methods that are called by menu items, whether directly or through the responder chain, you can define some logic that the menu system calls at the right time, and automatically enables or disables each menu item based on what you return. Let s illustrate this with an example. We ll create a new window in our nib file, matched by a new delegate class just for that window, which will implement validateUserInterfaceItem: to handle the state of a menu item. In a real application, you would probably base it on the content of a model object, but for simplicity s sake, we ll enable or disable a menu item based on what s selected in the window. Start by creating a new class in Xcode, just a plain NSObject subclass called ListWindowDelegate. In its header, define an integer property called selectedTag, which we ll later bind to a GUI object (add the lines that are shown in bold):
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When you create an autorelease pool, it automatically becomes the active pool. When you release that pool, its retain count goes to 0, so it then gets deallocated. During the deallocation, it releases all the objects it has. When you re using the AppKit, Cocoa automatically creates and destroys an autorelease pool for you on a regular basis. It does so after the program handles the current event (such as a mouse click or key press). You re free to use as many autoreleased objects as you like, and the pool will clean them up for you automatically whenever the user does something.
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When you created the project as a Core Data enabled project, Xcode s template magic should have created a file called OfflineMailer.xcdatamodel. Double-click it, and you should get something that looks like Figure 7-13.
Variables: a place to store your stuff
SET THE VERSION NUMBER FOR THE MYPHOTOS PROJECT (continued) Action 5 Locate the Form1 constructor. At the end of the constructor, add code to include the version number in the title bar.
This is a much more common way of handling the situation. Remember, all you care about is that the interior of the parentheses boils down to $True or $False in some fashion. In this case, because the Responding property already provides one of those two values, you don t need to do any more work. Here s a quick tip: I learned about the Responding property by running GetProcess | Gm. In the list, I saw Responding and wondered what kind of information it contained. Would it be a 0 or 1 A Yes or No Something else So I ran Get-Process | Format-List *, which displayed all of the processes properties and their values. That output showed me that Responding contained True for almost all of my processes, so I logically assumed that False was also a possibility. I encourage you to use this same technique to discover what s inside the properties of other objects you work with.
I ve mentioned most of these practices already, but this is a good time to quickly review them:
1. Technically, structs are derived from System.ValueType, but that s only an implementation detail. From a language perspective, they act as if they re derived from System.Object.
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