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Writer DataMatrix in Objective-C 5: Physics, Sprites, and Animation with the cocos2d-iPhone Framework

SQL Server Profiler
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Listin g 2-13. Global Static Variables
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If the menu editor (Figure 2 4, lower left) is not showing, open it by double-clicking the MainMenu icon in your nib s main window. The menu editor allows you to edit the contents of your application s menu bar. By default, MainMenu.xib comes with many of the standard menu items that you would want in a Cocoa application. We ll get into the specifics of working with the menu bar later in the book, but here s a quick overview. As you build your application, you ll provide actions for the each menu item you want to support. When the menu bar is drawn, if an action to respond to an item is available, the item is enabled. If no action is available, the item is disabled (grayed out). Some actions are provided for you, such as those provided for text-related menus like Copy or Paste. For items you will never use, the best approach is just to delete them. For the moment, don t worry about the mechanics of working with the menu bar. Let s customize the menu bar for our Hello World application. If you re running Snow Leopard, the menu has been pre-configured to use your application s name in the relevant places, but for projects created on Leopard, you ll see the text
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<server name>; as in MyServer .; or (local); .\<MyInstance>; as in .\SS2K8; <domain>\<server>\<instance>; <IP>,<Port>;
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The test is written as if the production code were already working, so the test failing means there s a bug in the production code. For example, if I wanted to add a new feature to a calculator class that remembers the LastSum value, I would write a test that verifies that LastSum is indeed a number. The test will fail because we haven t implemented that functionality yet.
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From the Dictionary
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A ThreadPool is a class in the Threading namespace that allows concurrent work to be performed in a simple way.
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Touch the Settings icon and then the General tab in the left column. Now scroll down and tap on the Passcode Lock item. Here you have the option of setting a four-digit passcode that prevents unauthorized access to your iPad and your information. If the wrong passcode is entered, however, even you won t be able to access your information, so it is a good idea to use a code you ll easily remember or to write it down somewhere secure. (See Figure 6 7.) Use the keyboard to enter a four-digit code. You will then be prompted to enter your code once more.
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<Binding Path="WorkingSet" StringFormat="{}{0:N0} bytes"/>
<%@ Page Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" Codebehind="default.aspx.vb" Inherits="MobileApp._default"%> <%@ Register TagPrefix="Mobile" Namespace="System.Web.UI.MobileControls" Assembly="System.Web.Mobile" %> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <html>
Here is the scenario: I had a copy of the DailyJournal project stored on the network. I took a copy off to my desktop and did some work on it but forgot to copy it back. The next day I connected my notebook to the network and took a copy of that project to work on it. I added an icon to the desktop copy, and an installation package document to the notebook copy, and made changes to the same class code file in both. Oops. I now have three copies of the same project, completely out of sync. Oh, and I had neglected to read 11 of this book and so none of these folders was under Subversion source-code management. What a mess. I could work painstakingly through each folder to figure out the differences, but that s what computers are for, isn t it Let s see what FileMerge can do to help. The first thing to do, in the interest of safety, was to copy all three folders somewhere where I could work on them. For clarity I gave the three project folders different names: Network copy, Desktop copy, and Notebook copy. Next I started up FileMerge. This utility starts up with a small interface window: its default operation is to compare two files or folders, so that is what you see. However, if you expand the window a little vertically, it pops open to show some additional options that suit what we want to do here; see Figure 13 10. NOTE: FileMerge is a bit of an oddity from a usability perspective. This popping open behavior, for example: why didn t the developer use a disclosure arrow, or More/Less buttons, either of which would be more Mac-like FileMerge also uses a drop-down list to launch a new window where you would normally expect just to make a choice between options in the same window. To me this breaks the cardinal usability rule of not surprising your user. We ll be returning to the topic of usability in a lot more detail in the next chapter. FileMerge allows you to compare the contents of two child folders against a common original folder (called an ancestor). I entered the location of the Network copy as the ancestor, and the Notebook and Desktop copies as respectively the Left and Right derived versions. The use of Left and Right as descriptions here is quite arbitrary, by the way (another usability flaw): they are flags that identify the two versions that you want to compare. These also identify the two panels in the comparison view, which you will see a little later. The final thing to consider was what to do once I had figured out where the most relevant files belonged. FileMerge has the option of a merge folder that holds the correct
3. But it perhaps provides slower access, since this hash table will have more entries than a per-control implementation.
Figure 17.1 A directory containing two sets of files
When you turn your iPad on, you ll notice the four icons locked to the bottom dock: Safari, Mail, Photos, and iPod. Suppose you decide you want to change one or more of these for apps you use more often. Fortunately, moving icons to and from the bottom dock is easy. If you prefer, you can keep the standard four and add two more for a total of six icons in the Bottom Dock for easy access.
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The iPad also allows online and wireless peer-to-peer play if the game supports it. Many new games are incorporating this technology. In Scrabble, for example, you can have multiple players on their own devices. You can even have the iPad as your game board and up to four individual iPhones as wireless racks to hold your letters. Just flick the letters off the rack, and they go onto the board very cool! In this example, I selected Online from the Real Racing menu, and I now have the option to either play against another opponent via Wi-Fi or join an online league race.
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