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Creation Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C Figure 5-1. The miniature golf game layer

Turn to the Configuration tab. In most cases you won t need to change these settings, but understanding them is crucial. The Install: setting specifies the location of the payload the app file that you just added to the package. The destination is /Applications by default. If you keep this option you should also make sure that Require admin authentication is also checked (because most Macs require admin privileges to install into /Applications). It s also a good idea to leave the Allow custom location option checked, since this gives the user some flexibility if she wants to install the application elsewhere. For most applications, you should not require the user to restart her Mac. See Figure 15 9.
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Path XAML:
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No database implementation is complete without support for transactions. Transactions allow multiple SQL statements to be grouped so that they can be submitted or reverted as a group, preventing partial commits and corrupted data structures in the case that a statement fails. Transaction support is easy in SQLite. Add these three functions to ISDatabase.m:
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CD, in a file called WBEMSNMP.EXE.
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Creating a Custom NSDocument
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The next step is to add this complete folder to the DailyJournal project. Open the project in Xcode, select the Resources item in the Groups & Files list, right-click, and choose Add Existing Files. Choose the DailyJournal folder that contains the help files (in the preceding example this folder is /Volumes/scratchpad/Development/Help Development/DailyJournal). In the drop-down window that appears check the Copy items checkbox and also the radio button labeled Create Folder References for any added folders (see Figure 13 17), then finally click Add.
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Creates a callback void ReportReady(IAsyncResult res) { function try { string filePath = (string)res.AsyncState; string sessionId = null; Retrieves the ShowReport(m_reportFacade.EndRenderReport(res, call results out sessionId), filePath,sessionId); } catch( WebException ex ) { Util.ShowErrorMessage(ex); } }
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Of course, if you do find an error here or elsewhere in the book, please send me an email so the correction can be posted online and the error corrected in the next edition.
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While the garbage collector frees us from worrying about memory cleanup, nonmemory resources are still an issue. In this case, our OpenFileDialog object allocates operating system resources to display the dialog and file system resources to open the file via the OpenFile method. While the garbage collector may recover these resources eventually, such resources may be limited and should always be reclaimed manually by calling the Dispose method. LOADING FILES 23
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Namespaces in the .NET runtime organize classes and other types into a single hierarchical structure. The proper use of namespaces will make classes easy to use and prevent collisions with classes written by other authors. You can also think of namespaces as a way to specify really long names for classes and other types without having to always type a full name. Namespaces are defined using the namespace statement. For multiple levels of organization, namespaces can be nested: namespace Outer { namespace Inner { class MyClass { public static void Function() {} } } } That s a fair amount of typing and indenting, so it can be simplified by using the following instead: namespace Outer.Inner { class MyClass { public static void Function() {} } } Each source file can define as many different namespaces as needed. As mentioned in the Hello, Universe section, using imports the metadata for types into the current program so the types can be more easily referenced. The using keyword is merely a shortcut that reduces the amount of typing that s required when referring to elements, as Table 3-1 indicates.
<books> <book> <author>Steve Eichert</author> </book> </books>
public static ISession GetCurrentSession() { return SessionFactory.GetCurrentSession(); }
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