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Creation Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C 4: All Fingers and Thumbs: Multitouch Interface Design and Implementation

protected override void CreateChildControls() { SPFile file = SPContext.Current.File; SPUser author = file.Author; this.ChromeType = PartChromeType.None; this.Controls.Add(new HyperLink() {
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<Canvas> <Button Canvas.Left="40" Canvas.Top="50">Button1</Button> </Canvas>
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As mentioned previously, the AddXXX methods apply equally to the PaperSpace, ModelSpace, and Block objects. Therefore, when I present the syntax of each method in this section, the word Object denotes any one of these collections. For example: Set CircleObject = Object.AddCircle(CenterPoint, Radius) Each of the AddXXX methods returns an object reference to the newly created entity, so you must use the VBA Set operator if you want to assign this return to a variable. When you create or modify an entity, the changes to the drawing don t display until the Update method of that object, the Update method of the Application object, or the Regen method of the Document object is called. In some cases, AutoCAD will update the display once your macro or program is complete; however, it s always safest to ensure the update takes place in your code. In the examples presented here, I use the Update method of the newly created entity to update the drawing display.
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We will now direct our attention to the implementation details by tracing the call from the client to the report provider. Our discussion will focus on the following architectural topics:
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Before we update the Save and Open methods in the PhotoAlbum class, a short discussion of our sudden use of the delegate keyword is in order. We briefly mentioned in chapter 1 that a delegate acts much like a function pointer in C++. It identifies the signature for a method without actually defining a method. The advantage of C# delegates is that they are type safe. It is impossible to assign a nonconforming method to a delegate. In our code, we create a delegate called ReadDelegate. This delegate encapsulates methods that accept a single StreamReader parameter and return a Photograph object. It just so happens that this matches the signature of the three read methods we created in the prior steps. This delegate can be used to great advantage when opening an album. Let s see how this looks.
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PS (3) > get-item c:\,nosuchfile,c:\,nosuchfile ` >> -ea silentlycontinue >> Directory: Mode ---d--hs d--hs LastWriteTime ------------6/13/2006 10:12 PM 6/13/2006 10:12 PM Length Name ------ ---C:\ C:\
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Figure 15.7 A TreeView automatically displays horizontal and vertical scroll bars as required. Note that the contents of the TreeView and ListView controls are not yet synchronized.
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Persistence in object-oriented applications
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Much like breaking strings into words, you can break them into paragraphs. The logic behind a paragraph is much simpler. The first paragraph in the string starts at the beginning of the string and ends at the first instance of one of these characters or character combinations: a carriage return character; a linefeed character, which is the Unix version of a return; or a combination of carriage return and linefeed that ends at the first instance of one of the following: A carriage return character (ASCII character 13), which is the standard line break indicator on Mac OS 9 and earlier and which is still used in places on OS X A linefeed character (ASCII character 10), which is the standard line break on Unix and often used on OS X A carriage return character followed by a linefeed character, which is the standard line break on Windows If you have only one paragraph (and there s always at least one paragraph, even if the string is empty!), then that one paragraph ends at the end of the string. The rest of the paragraphs (if you have more than one) start right after the first line break and end right before the next one. The last paragraph ends at the end of the string.
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The Clean-up MOM tool removes the MOM install on the server. It does not look at the role of the server in your MOM infrastructure, and if it is used on the management server, it will remove the MOM server if CleanupMOM.exe is not targeted against specific functions. By default, CleanupMOM.exe will remove all information on the server. However, when you use the /z parameter, you re able to target specific areas to remove. The other available parameters are as follows: :All: Removes all the MOM Windows Installer information :S: Removes all the MOM Server Windows Installer information :A: Removes Windows Installer information for MOM agent components :R: Removes Windows Installer information for MOM reporting components Clean-up MOM is useful when you have been piloting MOM in your environment and need to clean up the pilot environment prior to deploying the production management group. When removing the agent function, you still need to remove the agent on the management server, as the management server will simply think that the agent is no longer heart-beating until you remove it.
This line of markup shows how to reference a server-side playlist from a MediaElement. You may have noticed that the playlist doesn t include the .wsx file extension. This extension usually gets removed during the publishing process. A MediaElement must use the MMS protocol to request a server-side playlist. This playlist can be used to stream content but can t be used to serve downloadable content in Silverlight. Server-side playlists provide a way for content administrators to control the distribution of their content. Client-side playlists turn that control over to the requesting application. Either way, both options give you a way to distribute that web-based mixtape you ve always wanted to send. Of course, playlists (and media players in general) aren t very useful without providing control over the playback.
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