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Integration Data Matrix in Objective-C 4: All Fingers and Thumbs: Multitouch Interface Design and Implementation

Physics, Sprites, and Animation with the cocos2diPhone Framework
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Employee Sales Freeform Secured 334 Employee Sales Freeform with Chart 132, 434 Employee Sales Tabular Interactive 121, 350 My Orders 488 Report Picker 377 ReportsExecutedByDay 306 ReportsExecutedByHour 510 Sales by Product Category
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Console.WriteLine("Total memory: {0} MB", processes.TotalMemory()/1024/1024);
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Figure 9-5. StockPlot loading data from Yahoo.com
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Utilizing Microsoft UDDI Services in your enterprise
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<Extension> _ Public Shared Function GroupJoin(Of T, U, K, V)(ByVal outer As IEnumerable(Of T), _ ByVal inner As IEnumerable(Of U), _ ByVal outerKeySelector As Func(Of T, K), _ ByVal innerKeySelector As Func(Of U, K), _ ByVal resultSelector As _ Func(Of T, IEnumerable(Of U), V)) _ As IEnumerable(Of V)
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Figure 15.3 The ListView control here works as before, just within a smaller area.
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List<int> digits = new List<int>(); digits.Add(0); digits.Add(1); digits.Add(2); ... digits.Add(9);
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WSDL supports a rich set of common types in accordance with the draft standard for the XML Schema Definition Language. These include signed and unsigned integer and floating-point types, boolean and string types, and arrays of same. The SOAP version of a service supports the serialization of complex types built from these underlying simple types.
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Visual Studio .NET has a lot of information and a ton of features. We will cover some features in this section, and others as we develop our application. On the right side of the Visual Studio window, you will see the Solution Explorer window. This window shows the contents of the current solution, namely the projects in the solution and files in these projects. Visual Studio uses projects and solutions to manage application development. Conceptually, a project is a collection of files that produce a .NET application, such as a library (.dll) or executable (.exe). A solution is a collection of projects that are grouped together for development or deployment purposes. When a solution has only one project, the two words are somewhat equivalent. The MyPhotos solution is stored on disk in a file called MyPhotos.sln. This solution holds a single project called MyPhotos, stored in the C# project file MyPhotos.csproj. The Solution Explorer window shows the MyPhotos solution containing the MyPhotos project. This project displays four items: References the list of assemblies referenced by the project. These are provided to the compiler using the /references switch we saw in chapter 1. You can expand this entry to see the default list of assemblies for the project, or wait until chapter 5 where we add an assembly to this list. App.ico the icon for the application. We will discuss icons in chapter 12.
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Both approaches are equally valid. The approach you use will depend primarily on your personal style. My preferred approach when not using commands is to wire up events in the code-behind, in the constructor as shown. Silverlight 4 added the ability to use commands as a way to clean up event handling and wire-up code. Rather than specify an event handler, you can specify one or more command properties in XAML.
We see that it did. Let s invoke another expression.
6. 7.
Using the BDC Object Model, as discussed in chapter 8, it s possible to execute these GenericInvoker methods using the Entity.Execute() method. First, you ll
CHAPTER 9: Developing an Application
Listing 1 SQL scripts to create databases
WPF from 723 feet
When the updated solution is deployed to SharePoint, the farm-scoped feature is automatically activated and the document libraries are shown. To display the lists again, the farm-scoped feature has to be deactivated in Central Administration or via PowerShell. The SharePoint Service Locator caches all type mappings, and the application pools need to be recycled. You can do this by executing the IISRESET command. Figure 13.10 shows how the Visual Studio class designer visualizes the Web Part, interfaces, and services after adding the new Library service. Notice how the Presenter now allows for injection of the Model through its constructor. If you d like to specify which model to use during runtime, the SharePoint Service Locator supports naming the registered interfaces. You can then use the GetInstance
Listing 22.5 Complex property paths in XAML Storyboards
Since you can always rewrite a for loop as a while loop, why introduce the for loop at all Sometimes, a programming idea fits more naturally into the pattern of a for statement. If the for loop makes for more readable code, why not use it As you write more and more code, you ll develop a sense for when to use while and when to use for.
Notice that I took advantage of PowerShell s ability to replace variables with their values inside of double quotation marks (you learned about that trick in chapter 15). I can run this script in any of the three original ways, although I could also omit either parameter if I wanted to use the default value for it. Here are some permutations:
Wait a tick. Did I just suggest multithreading OK, threading is hard, but the engineers at Apple and elsewhere keep making it easier for us. We have all of these cores on our desktops because the hardware engineers keep slicing silicon, so concurrency keeps getting more and more important. Who
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