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If you know HTTP, there are no surprises in Atom. That s how you d expect the verbs to work. The same goes for success and error messages, which are returned the standard way: with HTTP status codes. For example, if you try a GET on a resource that does not exist, you ll get status-code 404 not found. If you don t include the right username and password for a request, you ll receive a 403 forbidden. If your HTTP POST to create a new blog entry works properly, you ll get a 201 created to indicate success. A server-side error will get you a 500, and so on.
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Figure 1-13. We have grouped fruits and things.
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new RandomAccessFile( ,"r") new RandomAccessFile( ,"w") new RandomAccessFile( ,"rw")
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This time, the shell will create one top-level parent job (Job5, which is shown in the output of the command), and it will create one child job for each computer that you specified. You can see that the Location column in the output table lists as many of the computer names as will fit, indicating that the job is going to be running against those computers. It s important to understand that Get-WmiObject is executing only on your computer; the cmdlet is using normal WMI communications to contact the remote computers that you specified. It will still do so one at a time and follow the usual defaults of skipping computers that aren t available, and so forth. In fact, it works identically to using Get-WmiObject synchronously, except that the cmdlet runs in the background. There are a few commands other than Get-WmiObject that can start a job. Try running Help * -parameter asjob to see if you can find them all.
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/***********************/ /* Struct Declarations */ /***********************/ struct DVDInfo { char rating; char title[ kMaxTitleLength ]; char comment[ kMaxCommentLength ]; };
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What to Buy . . .
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The optional parameters are necessity, which is explained well, and registering applications, which . . . well, I have no idea what it s good for or what it does. The dictionary author either got a bit lazy or simply didn t know the answer either.
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Creating the Categories Array in -viewDidLoad
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Setting a Layer to Be Frozen or Thawed
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Download at
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CHAPTER 6: Serious Streaming Audio the Pandora Radio Way
CHAPTER 9: Developing an Application
Understanding the two main properties of an error, the number and the message, is important both when you want to trap potential errors and when you conspire to take the offender s role and throw an error yourself! You ll learn more about this in the Generating Errors section.
Think back to the DVD-tracking program we ve been discussing throughout this chapter. We started off with three separate arrays, each of which tracked a separate element. One array stored the rating field, another stored the movie s title, and the third stored a pithy comment. We then introduced the concept of a structure that would group all the elements of one DVD together, in a single struct. One advantage of a struct is that you can pass all the information about a DVD using a single pointer. Imagine a routine called PrintDVD(), designed
8.2.2 How to indicate newsfeeds are available
Figure 7 10. These files are needed to get SneakyInput to work in your own project; the other files are only used for example code.
Unlike other SQL Server databases, the tempdb database is dropped and re-created every time the SQL Server service is stopped and restarted. Here s what happens. When the SQL Server service is started, by default, SQL Server makes a copy of the model database to create a new 8 MB tempdb database, inheriting customizations made to the model database. In addition, a transaction log file of 1 MB is created. For both the MDF and the LDF files, autogrowth is set to grow by 10 percent with unrestricted growth. Each SQL Server instance may have only one tempdb database. In addition, tempdb exhibits many behaviors that don t occur with other SQL Server databases. For example, tempdb is configured to run using the simple recovery model, and this setting cannot be changed. In addition, many database options, such as Online, Read Write, Auto Close, Auto Shrink, and others are preset and cannot be modified. The tempdb database has many other restrictions including the following: it can t be dropped; it can t be captured in a database snapshot; it can t participate in mirroring; and it can t allow DBCC CHECKDB to be run on it. And as you would expect, neither the tempdb database nor its transaction log file can be backed up. This makes sense, as tempdb is designed for temporary objects only, and is re-created each time SQL Server restarts. After tempdb has been created, DBAs can create objects in it just as in other databases. As user-created or internal objects are added to tempdb, it will automatically grow as necessary to whatever size is required to hold the objects. On servers with heavy tempdb activity, tempdb can grow considerably. As activity transpires in tempdb, transaction logging occurs, but somewhat differently than with other SQL Server databases. Operations performed within tempdb are minimally logged, which means that only enough information is logged so that temporary objects can be rolled back, if necessary. Minimal logging helps to reduce the overhead put on the SQL Server instance. Because the database is set to the simple recovery mode, the transaction log is truncated constantly.
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