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7.1.2 ROME limitations
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if (album == null) { // Unable to open album node.ImageIndex = ErrorIndex; node.SelectedImageIndex = ErrorIndex; } else { // Album opened successfully node.ImageIndex = AlbumIndex; node.SelectedImageIndex = SelectedAlbumIndex; } return album; }
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If you start the project and then replace the URL with that, you ll get the normal WCF service page. Unlike an .asmx SOAP service, you can t run the service from this page (which is good for preventing curious end users from running services directly). You can use the Add Service Reference menu option from any WCF-aware project type (WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, or even console) and use the service directly. You won t get the rich metadata and client-side validation provided by a native RIA Services client, but you ll be able to access the data and queries, as well as any defined domain methods in the service. In addition to this approach, which should be your first option if supported in your client, several other possible endpoints are supported.
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Table 14-2. Process Hang Condition Flags
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<Label Name="label4" HorizontalContentAlignment="Center" VerticalContentAlignment="Center" > <Label.Content> <Binding ElementName="colorBlock" Path="Background.Color"/> </Label.Content> </Label>
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Connects button to trigger
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string query = @"select new MaxAmount( item.id, max(bid.Amount) ) from Item item join item.Bids bid" where item.Seller = :user group by item.id"; IList maxAmounts = session.CreateQuery(query) .SetEntity("user", user) .List();
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OK, so the input can be almost anything, such as a list of files or anything else the previous action spits out. What are the parameters, though To find out, change the return line in the script from return input to return parameters. Now run the workflow. The Result area should contain something like this:
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Report Selector 106 Report Server 14, 16 binary folder 459 configuring for e-mail delivery
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This is a correlated subquery it refers to an alias (u) from the outer query. The next subquery is an uncorrelated subquery:
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string compatPath = this.WebApplication.IisSettings[zone].Path + @"\App_Browsers\compat.browser"; File.SetLastWriteTime(compatPath, DateTime.Now); } } else { if (File.Exists(path)) {
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Once more, all the SneakyInput headers are added because I plan to make more categories for every SneakyInput class that doesn t conform to regular cocos2d initializers. In this case, a SneakyButton category named Extension is added, which adds two methods, named button and buttonWithRect. They are implemented as shown in Listing 7 8.
{Binding Path=ActualWidth,Converter={StaticResource AddPadding}}
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