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23.5 Common points of confusion
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3D Transforms
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2.2 Introducing the LogAn project
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We return to more exotic features of the HQL where clause later in this chapter. We only used single expressions for restrictions in this section; let s combine several with logical operators.
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After you play for a while with all these various newspapers, magazines, web sites, comics, and more you will begin to realize that there is no real standard for moving around. This means you ll need to become familiar with each app and its own way of navigating articles, as well as how to return to the main screen. Here s a short guide for generally navigating these types of apps: Showing or Hiding Control buttons or Captions Tapping the screen once will usually show hidden controls or picture captions. You can tap them again to re-hide them. Getting to the Details of an Article Usually, you tap the article or its headline to see the next screen. Getting to the Next Page of an Article Usually you swipe right to read more. Sometimes you swipe up.
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Navigate to any folder
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Receiving Calls with Skype on your iPad
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Netscape 1994
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with a string that s passed in as an argument. isEqualToString: returns a BOOL (YES or NO) indicating if the two strings have the same contents. It s declared like this:
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Finally, click here to start it.
PS (12) > $ne = $d.CreateElement("e") PS (13) > $ne.psbase.InnerText = "World" PS (14) > $d.top.AppendChild($ne) #text ----World
Navigate Method
Creates a parameter placeholder
Defining the appearance of the control. Defining the behavior of the control. Calling the control.
If you don t know what a command or script should do, then you can never debug it. Period, end of statement, thanks for reading. That s why my first step in debugging is to document my exact expectations. I m experienced enough that I can often do so in my head for a short script or simpler command, but for more complex ones I dig out a piece of paper and a pen and write everything down. We re doing to do that with listing 23.1, so that you can see the process involved. I can t tell you enough how useful this approach has been in helping me debug some incredibly complicated scripts, and I encourage you to use this approach whenever you have to debug anything.
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