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Change the SQL Server process identity to a domain account or a local account that is duplicated on the machine where the Campaigner Web service is installed (this has the same name and password). Set up the AWReporterWeb vroot to allow anonymous access. For testing purposes, we ll adopt the latter approach, but in real life you should carefully consider the ramifications of using Anonymous access. When Anonymous access is enabled, IIS authenticates all users using a low-privileged Windows account (IUSR_computername by default), which is a member of the Guest Windows group. All requests to access local resources go under the identity of this account. In this case, the StartCampaign method needs to write to the blog file. For this reason, you need to grant the Anonymous account write permissions to this file. Alternatively, you can change the Anonymous identity to an account that has an elevated set of permissions. Finally, you need to take care of setting the identity of the cross-machine call from the Campaigner Web service to the Report Server. Here, again you have two options: Impersonating the user Assuming that Anonymous access is enabled, this means that we will pass the identity of the Anonymous account to the Report Server. Again, in order for the cross-machine call to succeed between the Campaigner machine and the Report Server machine, this account has to be a domain account or a duplicated local account, which exists on both machines. Using the trusted subsystem approach by passing the Campaigner Web service identity to the Report Server You can change the identity of the ASP.NET worker process on the machine where the Campaigner Web service is running to a domain account. In both cases, you have to set up a role-based security policy in the Report Server to grant the Campaigner account sufficient rights to view the Sales Promotion report and SalesPromotion.xsl file. Now that you have a good high-level overview of both access options available for requesting reports, let s wrap up our discussion by comparing these options.
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In this example, the switch value was 1,2,3,4,5,6. The switch statement iterates over the collection, testing each element against all of the clauses. The first clause returns Odd $_ if the current switch element is not evenly divisible by two. The next clause prints out FOUR if the value is 4. The default clause prints out Even $_ if the number is even. Note the use of continue in the first clause. This tells the switch statement to stop matching any further clauses and move on to the next element in the collection. In this instance, the switch statement is working in the same way that the continue statement works in the other loops. It skips the remainder of the body of the loop and continues on with the next loop iteration. What happens if we d used break instead of continue Let s try it:
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Table 10.2 Member IsValid StepBase has several properties (accessors) that all steps will inherit. Implementation Property Type Boolean Description Returns the status of the step validation. True, if the step is valid. Some steps require validation. For example, if a report defines custom parameters, validation is required to ensure that all required parameters have been filled in. Before the Report Wizard loads a new step, it calls IsValid to find out whether the step is valid. Returns the step results. A step may return some data to the ReportWizard form. For example, Step Reports return the selected report.
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firstPress: LINQ to Objects
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The precursor of Mac OS X: Mac OS
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Listing 17.2 Source code for ChannelBlogger.java
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Windows administrators have always been happy clicking around in the graphical user interface (GUI) to accomplish their chores. After all, the GUI is pretty much the whole point of Windows the operating system isn t called Text, after all! GUIs are great because they enable you to discover what you can do. I remember the first time I opened Active Directory Users and Computers: I hovered over icons and read tooltips, I pulled down menus, and I right-clicked things, all to see what was available. GUIs definitely make learning a tool easier. Unfortunately, GUIs have zero return on that investment. If it takes you five minutes to create a new user in Active Directory (and assuming you re filling in a lot of the fields, that s pretty reasonable), you ll never get any faster than that. A hundred users will take five hundred minutes there s no way, short of learning to type and click a bit faster, to make the process go any quicker. Microsoft has tried to deal with that problem a bit haphazardly, and VBScript was probably the most successful attempt. It might have taken you an hour to write a VBScript that could import new users from a CSV file, but once you d invested that hour, creating users in the future would only take a few seconds. The problem with VBScript is that it wasn t a wholehearted effort on Microsoft s part. Microsoft had to remember to make things VBScript-accessible, and when they forgot (or didn t have time), you were stuck. Want to change the IP address of a network adapter using VBScript Okay, you can. Want to check its link speed You can t, because nobody remembered to hook that up in a way that VBScript could get to. Sorry. Jeffrey Snover, the architect of Windows PowerShell, calls this the last mile : you can do a lot with VBScript (and other, similar technologies), but it tends to always let you down at some point, never getting you through that last mile to the finish line. Windows PowerShell is an express attempt on Microsoft s part to do a better job, and to get you through the last mile.
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Author an OLAP-based report Author dynamic reports Integrate OWC and RS
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Looking at the generated SQL, we can see that the query is now parameterized, which will prevent the dreaded SQL injection attack.
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Figure 4 1. Create an image of yourself in a photo-editor that can save it as a .png file.
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Implementing custom authentication From the client perspective, the first task that the application has to do to grant the user access to the Report Server is to call the RS LogonUser web method and pass the user s credentials.
Displaying and capturing media
'VB.NET Imports System.Reflection Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices Imports System.EnterpriseServices <Assembly: AssemblyTitle("BusLayer")> <Assembly: AssemblyDescription("Business layer of the " _ & "ContactMgr web application")> 'The following GUID is for the ID of the typelib if this project is exposed 'to COM <Assembly: Guid("6FF77718-7CB4-433D-88CB-D041306BD0FA")> <Assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.0.*")> <Assembly: AssemblyKeyFile("../../BusLayer.snk")> <Assembly: ApplicationName("ContactMgrBusLayer")> <Assembly: Description("This component is responsible " _ & "for handling all " & _ "operations related to a contact. ")> <Assembly: ApplicationActivation(ActivationOption.Server)> //C# using using using using
JSON in a Nutshell
Web Part zones A Web Part zone acts together with the Web Part Manager to render Web Parts onto the page. It s responsible for creating the chrome any borders or styles around the
Figure 13-18. The Script Edit window 7. Test and debug: Click the Build and Run button in the Project dialog box (or press Cmd+R) to build the project and test run the resulting application. Debug as needed. The Message window can be a great aid for simple debugging. To check the values of variables at runtime, place log commands within the code with the following format: log variableValue The value for variableValue in the preceding example would be printed to the corresponding Event Log window in FaceSpan as the application runs (see Figure 13-19).
The constrained attribute has a slightly similar interpretation to the not-null attribute of a <many-to-one> mapping. It tells NHibernate that the associated object is required and thus can t be null. To enable batch fetching, you specify the batch-size in the mapping for Item:
Process data
Multithreading in J#
Windows Forms Timers
CHAPTER 7: Going the Routesy Way with Core Location, XML, and SQLite
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