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Maker Data Matrix in Objective-C 4: All Fingers and Thumbs: Multitouch Interface Design and Implementation

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The caption area at the top of the control is assigned using the CaptionText property. In the figure, the title of the colors.abm album is Lots of Colors as is shown in the caption. The data source for the grid is assigned using the SetDataBinding method. This method has the following signature:
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You might think that ON means something is restricted, but it is the opposite. In order to disable or restrict something, you need to touch the slider next to it and change it to OFF. If you look at the word Allow: above all the tabs, then it makes sense. As you can see, you can restrict access to lyrics for Music & Podcasts to what is Clean. You can also restrict which ratings for Movies, TV Shows and Apps to allow to be played on this iPad. In the example in the image to the right, only movies with ratings up to PG-13 can be played. Movies with ratings of R and NC-17 can t be played.
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Notice that in this example, we could return all of the books as we iterate over the result set and then count them on the client. LINQ to SQL offers the additional benefit of performing the count on the server and only returning that value rather than overloading the network with unnecessary data. Here is the corresponding SQL statement for this query:
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Querying full-text indexes
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Listing 7-8. Loading the Real-Time Predictions for a Station
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PS (1) > 2 + >> 2 >> 4 PS (2) >
@"NSUTF32StringEncoding", @"2348810496", @"NSUTF32BigEndianStringEncoding", @"2550137088", @"NSUTF32LittleEndianStringEncoding", @"2617245952", nil]; } return encodingNames; }
With these additions, the CocoaWGet program is far more functional and useful to users. All that remains is adding the program icon and help files.
The Snapshot command accepts as a parameter value the date and time when the snapshot was generated. The snapshot time has to be converted to GMT. Commands for interactive features One of the most valuable aspects of URL access is that it supports all of the interactive features that we discussed in chapters 4 and 5. There are a few commands that you can use to control these interactive features. For example, in chapter 4 we authored a report (Employee Sales Tabular Interactive.rdl) that demonstrated visible-on-demand sections. Specifically, the Product Subcategory sections are hidden when the report is initially requested but can be expanded by clicking the plus sign (+). Instead of hiding all items, sometimes you may need to show a certain section expanded. To accomplish this, you can use the ShowHideToggle command, for example:
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