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Naming Variables
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11. The PredictionTableViewController class needs a property called predictions to hold the list of predictions that the table will display. Before continuing, you should declare a property on PredictionTableViewController of type NSArray, similar to the one you declared on RootViewController, stations. With this new property in place, we can implement the PredictionTableViewController viewWillAppear method, which will set the predictions into the prediction controller before the view appears. We also need to reload the table data each time the view appears since the user may go back and change the active station. Our viewWillAppear method now will look like Listing 7-9.
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We ve introduced mapping using XML mapping files and using NHibernate.Mapping.Attributes. Although you can use both at the same time, it s more common (and homogenous) to use only one technique. Your choice is based on the way you develop your application. You can read more details about development processes in chapter 8. For now, you have already realized that .NET attributes are much more convenient and reduce the lines of metadata significantly. They re also type-safe, support autocompletion in your IDE as you type (like any other C# type), and make refactoring of classes and properties easier. NHibernate.Mapping.Attributes is usually used when starting a new project. Arguably, attribute mappings are less configurable at deployment time. But nothing is stopping you from hand-editing the generated XML before deployment, so this probably isn t a significant objection. On the other hand, XML mapping documents are external; this means that they can evolve independently of your domain model; they re also easier to manipulate for complex mapping and they can contain some useful information (not directly related to the mapping of the classes). It s common to use XML mapping files when the classes already exist and aren t under our control. Note that, in few cases, it s better to write XML mapping; for example, when dealing with a highly customized component or collection mapping. In these cases, you can use the attribute [RawXml] to insert this XML in your attribute mapping.
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into the house was with the key, then only one person could be in the house at a time. This is how a lock in the multithreaded world works. Unlike the Interlocked mechanism, more than one line of code can be protected. This is a fairly simple solution to a complex problem.
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Of course, we need to repeat this entire process for the second View Controller file. So, open SecondViewController.xib, and then drag an Image View onto your screen. From the image drop-down menu, select einstein02.png. As before, enter S to save, and then Q to exit Interface Builder. 8. As indicated in Figure 6 94, go to the Resources folder and click MainWindow.xib. The first thing we need to do is to drag a Tab Bar Controller from the Library, into your Main Window frame, as shown in Figure 6 95.
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-(bool) isTouchForMe:(CGPoint)location { if (type == FlipperLeft && location.x < [Helper screenCenter].x) { return YES; } else if (type == FlipperRight && location.x > [Helper screenCenter].x) {
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There are certain times when you need to grab the user s attention and display something that overlays other page content. Maybe you need to display details about a critical error. You could do this with the message box, but that can be limiting. For more intricate dialogs, you may want to consider the other two alternatives available in Silverlight. Throughout this section, you ll learn about the four types of visual prompts available in Silverlight. We ll briefly cover the Popup control first, followed by the ChildWindow control-a control that provides the capability to display in-Silverlight dialogs. Then, we ll dive into the two system dialogs made available in Silverlight: the OpenFileDialog, which is useful for getting a file from the user s local file system, and the SaveFileDialog, which helps specify a location for saving a file on the local file system.
NOTE: All versions of iTunes store videos and movies purchased or rented are protected by digital rights management (DRM Protected) using FairPlay. However, such DRM content can be played on up to five authorized computers (PC or Mac). Rented DRM content, such as a rented movie, must be physically transferred to one machine or device at a time. Protected music can be authorized on up to five computers, and music can be synced to a large number of mobile devices, as long as those mobile devices sync to only a single computer.
You should have enough basic knowledge of ROME now to understand its two limitations, so let s cover those next
Scrolling lists in Cocoa are handled by the AppKit class NSTableView. When the tableView is ready to do some work, such as selecting the row the user just clicked, the object asks its delegate if it can select the row. The tableView sends a message to its delegate:
Figure 4-14. Setting a watch on a variable
NotificationWindowClose method 109 NSAPI 58 null values 280 NumericButtonCount property 487
CHAPTER 9: Search and Retrieve Core Data with Criteria
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