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Display ECC200 in Objective-C 4: All Fingers and Thumbs: Multitouch Interface Design and Implementation

11.4.2 Rendering an ItemsControl with a DataTemplate
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For many years, Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) used a collection of private tools for assisting in the diagnosis and resolution of customer support issues. Now known as the replay markup language (RML) utilities, PSS released them to the general public in 2004. Available as a free download from the Microsoft website, the RML utilities, comprising ReadTrace, Reporter, and OStress, are used both for diagnosing performance problems and constructing stress-test scenarios.
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While using the application at this point, you may notice it s tough to find the biggest files in the directory. It d be nice to sort the files so they re listed in order from largest to smallest.
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CHAPTER 24: Utilities: Clock, Calculator, Compass, and Weather
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4. In the Collection Rule Properties - Criteria window, accept the default settings, for which all the Match events boxes are unchecked (as shown in Figure 3-6). Click Next.
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Invoke the Next menu when the Page Down key is pressed down. Do nothing by default.
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Running SQL Server on Hyper-V
Disk File
This Book Is for You
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MapReduce implementations are sophisticated frameworks for reliable parallel processing in a highly distributed fashion. They specifically allow distributed processing of the map and reduce functions. Provided all map functions are independent of each other, all maps can be done in parallel. The key is any dependencies in the data set. There may in practice be limitations caused by the data source and/or number of CPUs near that data. The set of reducers operating on the same key produced by the map operations can perform the reduction phase in parallel as well.
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