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Adjust the selection by dragging the blue handles.
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-- Enable FileStream Access for both T-SQL and Windows Streaming EXEC sp_configure 'filestream access level', 2 GO RECONFIGURE GO
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The delegation pattern externalizes, or delegates, selected decisions or actions to another object, termed the delegate object. It embodies a design principle known as inversion of responsibility. The delegate can customize or influence the normal behavior of the object with code that is not contained within the object s class hierarchy. Delegates can be queried to make decisions, filter data, define conditional behavior, or inject additional processing at key times. Delegate objects are invariably optional. The class implements a default strategy in the absence of a delegate object or method. The traditional way to customize a class is to subclass it and override specific methods. To redefine how your object gets copied, you override -copyWithZone:. To redefine how it compares itself with other objects, you override -isEqual:, and so forth. However, the inheritance pattern is not as effective when trying to customize the behavior of a tree of existing classes. Take the example in Figure 17-1.
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CHAPTER 24: Utilities: Clock, Calculator, Compass, and Weather
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Beyond basic in-memory queries
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This is an interesting set of results. Here s a quick reminder of the command that launched this job in the first place:
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PS (4) > $xb.Select($titleAndPrice) | %{[xml] $_.OuterXml} | >> ft -auto {$_.book.price},{$_.book.title} >> $_.book.price ------------11.99 9.99 39.99 $_.book.title ------------Moby Dick Discourse on Method Windows PowerShell in Action
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None of these examples were rejected by the domain expert, so I was able to conclude that there are no more single-column dependencies in this table. Note that I didn t produce these three examples at the same time. I created them one by one, for if there had been more functional dependencies I could ve further reduced the number of tests still needed. But because there turned out to be no more dependencies, I decided to combine them in this description, to save space and reduce the repetitiveness.
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a. If the album has been modified, prompt the user to see if he or she wishes to save the changes. b. If yes, then save the album in the existing album file.
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package com.manning.blogapps.chapter08.web; import java.io.*; import java.io.StringWriter; import java.util.Date; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import com.manning.blogapps.chapter08.*; import com.manning.blogapps.chapter08.filedepot.*; public class DepotNewsfeedServletCached extends HttpServlet { LRUCache cache = new LRUCache(5, 5400); protected void doGet( HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { ServletContext application = this.getServletContext(); Depot depot = (Depot) application.getAttribute("depot"); if (depot == null) { depot = new FileDepot(request.getRealPath("/depot")); application.setAttribute("depot", depot); } depot.update(); Date sinceDate = new Date( request.getDateHeader("If-Modified-Since")); if (sinceDate != null) { if (depot.getLastUpdateDate().compareTo(sinceDate) <= 0) { response.setStatus(HttpServletResponse.SC_NOT_MODIFIED); response.flushBuffer(); return; } } try { response.setContentType("application/rss+xml;charset=utf-8"); response.setDateHeader("Last-Modified", depot.getLastUpdateDate().getTime()); response.setHeader( "Cache-Control","max-age=5400, must-revalidate");
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Characteristics for 100 batch inserts of 100 rows are illustrated in figure 5. In figure 5 the y axis is worker time in ms, and the x axis is CommitBatchThreshold. The lower values of worker times are better. As you can see the best values for CommitBatchSize and CommitBatchThreshold are 10 and 10 or 100, or a second sweet spot at 10,000 and 10,000. The defaults are CommitBatchSize=100 and CommitBatchThreshold=1,000. Clearly if your workload is characterized by singleton inserts, or if you have transactions consisting of 100 row updates or inserts, one of the preceding settings will work best for you, but these are edge cases. By measuring the number of transactions and commands in your workloads using the performance monitor counters SQLServer:Replication Dist:Dist:Delivered Trans/sec and SQLServer:Replication Dist:Dist:Delivered Cmds/sec you can get an idea of the ratio of transactions to commands that characterizes your overall workload. You can then adjust the settings on your custom profile for the appropriate CommitBatchSize and CommitBatchThreshold settings. You ll get maximum performance by grouping msrepl_commands by article_id and discovering which articles generate the most replication activity. Then you can publish these articles in different publications and use the independent agent option. Also use customer profile settings for CommitBatchSize and CommitBatchThreshold for these articles.
Once we ve retrieved a domain we can utilize some of its more commonly used methods and properties: APPLICATION DOMAIN 37
CHAPTER 7: Organize Your iPhone: Icons and Folders
NHibernate ships with at least one implementation of each of the listed interfaces, so you don t usually need to start from scratch if you wish to extend the built-in functionality. The source code is available for you to use as an example for your own implementation.
We then give it a body and a shape, assign elasticity and friction, and set the shape s data and collision type. If you want different values for different shapes, you ll want to set that here as it s difficult to get at the shape later.
The network connection to the Operations database has been lost. The OnePoint database is full.
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Binding with your data
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