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Securing Reporting Services
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Pulling apart the FROM clause
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CHAPTER 7: Smart In-Application E-mail with Core Data and Three20
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Step 7a: Attach Scripts
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LINQ to XML class hierarchy
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Well, we are ready to utilize the Form class members, but where to begin We will avoid dialog boxes and other new windows for the time being, and stick with the single form in our application. A good first topic we can cover here is drawing on a form. As we have seen, drawing in .NET is performed using the System.Drawing namespace. We used classes from this namespace in chapter 4 when we created an owner-drawn status bar panel. Here, we continue to use the Graphics class for drawing, but will make use of some alternate members. Before we can do this, we need a place to draw. To generate such a place, we will remove the PictureBox object from our application.
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A brief history of UNIX
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The source parameter specifies the URI of the Silverlight content that should be loaded. In a managed code application, this content is bundled up as a .xap file, as discussed earlier in this chapter. The source property can reference a .xap file on the hosting server or on a remote server. This gives you the ability to easily share your Silverlight applications and improve server performance through load balancing. This isn t as easy with Silverlight 1.0. Silverlight 1.0 didn t have support for .xap files. Instead, Silverlight 1.0 relied on setting the source of a plug-in through one of two approaches. The first approach involves referencing a .xaml file that exists on the hosting server. The other approach is to reference XAML content defined in the hosting web page. This type of XAML content is known as inline XAML. Either way, both of these approaches are dependent upon the JavaScript programming model. Silverlight 2+ still supports these approaches so that the source property in Silverlight 4 can be used in three different ways, all of which are shown in table 3.4.
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Data templates
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LinkedIn.com on the Safari Browser
-(void) ccTouchesBegan:(NSSet*)touches withEvent:(UIEvent*)event; { CCLabel* label = (CCLabel*)[self getChildByTag:13]; label.scale = CCRANDOM_0_1(); }
Execute T-SQL statement task
Notice how an exception class is not specified in the catch clause. This ensures that all exceptions will be caught regardless of their origin. ROBUSTNESS ISSUES 153
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