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Galleries serve two functions: They provide authors access to appropriate templates and they provide administrators a way to store and organize templates. This section of procedures describes how to create template galleries and how to assign access to rights groups. You manage galleries in much the same way you manage files in any Windows environment. When you create a template gallery for the first time, you need to name it and provide a description of up to a maximum of 255 characters. Describe content or rights groups using templates in the gallery.
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By convention, the interface name is prefixed with a capital I. Please note that an interface contains only the method s signatures, not their implementation. In addition, unlike working with objects, an interface cannot be instantiated. In fact, the whole purpose of having an interface is to inherit from it, as shown in figure 15.2. Now both extension classes inherit from the IDeliveryExtension interface, which in C# is denoted by the colon (:). When a class inherits from an interface, we say that the class implements this interface.
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Now that we have a good understanding of newsfeed format history and the details of the most important formats, let s turn our attention to programming and learn how to parse newsfeeds using C# and Java.
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Encountering Application Scripting Errors
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Listin g 9-3. Preventing an Object from Being Collected
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s Note This tool does not prevent local administrators from adding themselves to the
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To setup your Wi-Fi connection, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. Tap the Settings icon Tap Wi-Fi in the left column to see the screen shown at the right. Make sure the Wi-Fi switch is set to On. Tap it if it is Off. Once Wi-Fi is ON, the iPad will automatically start looking for wireless networks. The list of accessible networks is shown below the Choose a Network... option. You can see in this screenshot that we have two networks available.
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CHAPTER 3: Doing Several Things at Once: Performance Enhancements with Threading
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protected override void OnClosing (CancelEventArgs e) { CloseAlbum(); } private void btnOpen_Click (object sender, System.EventArgs e) { CloseAlbum(); using (OpenFileDialog dlg = new OpenFileDialog()) { dlg.Title = "Open Album"; dlg.Filter = "abm files (*.abm)" + "|*.abm|All Files (*.*)|*.*"; dlg.InitialDirectory = PhotoAlbum.DefaultDir; try { if (dlg.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK) { _album.Open(dlg.FileName); this.Text = _album.FileName; UpdateList(); } } catch (Exception) { MessageBox.Show("Unable to open " + "album\n" + dlg.FileName, "Open Album Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error); } } }
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// // // // // // // helloWorld_001ViewController.h helloWorld_001 Created by Rory Lewis on 6/13/09. Copyright __MyCompanyName__ 2009. All rights reserved.
// Create a node for each album file foreach (string s in Directory.GetFiles( PhotoAlbum.DefaultDir, "*.abm")) { String baseName = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(s); TreeNode albumNode = new TreeNode(baseName) defaultRoot.Nodes.Add(albumNode); // Open the album PhotoAlbum album = OpenAlbum(s); if (album == null) { // Bad album, so adjust the image index settings albumNode.ImageIndex = ErrorIndex; albumNode.SelectedImageIndex = ErrorIndex; continue; } // Create a node for each photo in this album foreach (Photograph p in album) { string text = album.GetDisplayText(p); TreeNode photoNode = new TreeNode(text, PhotoIndex, SelectedPhotoIndex); albumNode.Nodes.Add(photoNode); } album.Dispose(); } treeViewMain.EndUpdate(); }
Just as has been the case in earlier programs, passing the address of a variable to a function gives that function the ability to modify the original variable. Passing the address of myInfo to PrintDVD() gives PrintDVD() the ability to modify the three myInfo fields. Though our new version of PrintDVD() doesn t modify myInfo, it s important to know that the opportunity exists. Here s the new, struct-based version of PrintDVD():
[SetUp] public void Setup() { logan=new LogAnalyzer(); logan.Initialize();
Is certificate from a trusted CA
resources must be found before the place where it s referenced. The format for the resources is the same, no matter where it s defined. For example, we could move the brush up to the application:
The feed must contain an <id> element. See section 4.5.4 for more about Atom identifiers. The feed must contain a <link> with rel="self" that contains a link to the feed itself. This makes it possible for a program, which may have only a copy of a newsfeed document, to find the URL of the newsfeed. The feed must include a single alternate link, meaning a <link> element with rel="alternate" typically a feed s alternate link references an alternate representation of the feed, such as the main page of the web site that provided the feed. The author must be specified at the feed level or in each individual entry.
This book is too short to go into all the details of NSError objects, but the following sections will give you enough of an overview to appreciate their utility. Before designing NSError management in your application, take a good look at the Error Handling Programming Guide For Cocoa. 3
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