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Advanced data templates and binding
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To get the current correlation id, the EventActivityIdControl method is imported B from the advapi32.dll file. This Web Part throws an exception in the code, which is caught. To write to the trace log, the local diagnostics service is retrieved, and using the WriteTrace method C, the exception is logged. The first parameter is a custom id of the log record. The second parameter describes the category of the record and includes a name and the default throttling levels for the trace and event logs. The severity level of the current record is also supplied, as well as the error message with its optional parameters. The correlation id is retrieved by invoking the imported EventActivityIdControl method D. The user is informed about the correlation id by adding a Label control to the Web Part. Notice that the SPDiagnosticsService class used to write to the trace logs isn t available for use in sandboxed solutions. The imported method that acquires the correlation id isn t either allowed when running code in sandboxed solutions.
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When you don t need to embed the report in a form, you should consider shelling out to the browser as a more lightweight implementation approach of requesting a report by URL. As you ve seen, requesting reports by URL is easy. However, there will be cases when URL access is not a viable option. When the URL is not enough, developers can report-enable their applications by calling the RS Web service, as we will discuss next. 316
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_document.BeginPrint += (s, e) => { }; _document.EndPrint += (s, e) => { MessageBox.Show("Print job completed."); };
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- (void) update { NSString *setValues = [[[self columnsWithoutPrimaryKey] _ componentsJoinedByString:@" = , "] stringByAppendingString:@" = "]; NSString *sql = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"update %@ set %@ where primaryKey _ = ", [[self class] tableName], setValues]; NSArray *parameters = [[self propertyValues] arrayByAddingObject: [NSNumber _ numberWithUnsignedInt:primaryKey]]; [database executeSql: sql withParameters: parameters]; savedInDatabase = YES; }
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OK, it s time for some real code. You ll be implementing three handlers, one for each of your requests: Receive invitation request Receive invitation accept request Receive move request In main.py, now put the mechanisms in place to deal with the requests by making it look like this:
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Install or Upgrade iTunes on Your Computer
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The Web Part Formatting Options dialog box in SharePoint Designer
This has given you a new Managed Object class, which enables you to elaborate the Consultant entity to add your own customized methods and properties. You are going to create a new property to put together a full name from the firstName and lastName properties. Listing 9 2 shows consultant.h with the new property (in bold) that you need to add.
//Assert logic assuming extension is supported bool result = log.IsValidLogFileName("short.ext"); Assert.IsFalse(result, "File name with less than 5 chars should have failed the method, even if the extension is supported"); } } internal class StubExtensionManager : IExtensionManager { public bool ShouldExtensionBeValid; public bool IsValid(string fileName) { return ShouldExtensionBeValid; } }
Listing 13 17. Determining When to Launch the Plunger void ContactListener::BeginContact(b2Contact* contact) { b2Body* bodyA = contact->GetFixtureA()->GetBody(); b2Body* bodyB = contact->GetFixtureB()->GetBody(); BodyNode* bodyNodeA = (BodyNode*)bodyA->GetUserData(); BodyNode* bodyNodeB = (BodyNode*)bodyB->GetUserData(); if ([bodyNodeA isKindOfClass:[Plunger class]] && [bodyNodeB isKindOfClass:[Ball class]]) { Plunger* plunger = (Plunger*)bodyNodeA; plunger.doPlunge = YES; } else if ([bodyNodeB isKindOfClass:[Plunger class]] && [bodyNodeA isKindOfClass:[Ball class]]) { Plunger* plunger = (Plunger*)bodyNodeB; plunger.doPlunge = YES; } }
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