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public string Title { get { return _title; } set { _title = value; } } public string Password { get { return _password; } set { _password = value; } } public DisplayValEnum DisplayOption { get { return _displayOption; } set { _displayOption = value; } }
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(Extensible Markup Language): Schema: Path Language (XPath): Query (XQuery):
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Table 1.1
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main() defines a DVDInfo struct named myDVD and prints the address of myDVD s rating field: printf( "Address of myDVD.rating in main(): &(myDVD.rating) ); %p\n",
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If you are accustomed to using the W3C DOM library or the .NET Framework implementation of it, you ll find LINQ to XML very easy and more intuitive to use. The very simple code snippet that follows creates a new person element, followed by its elements:
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The second function, boolString(), maps a numeric BOOL value to a string that s readable by mere humans:
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12 Using XML to transport relational data
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Disk configuration
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Listing 17.1 Get-DiskInventory.ps1 with a parameterized command
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If necessary, open the CocoaWGet project. Click on the Files tab and select the resource group from the Groups & Files pane. Select Project Add Files, navigate to the folder that holds the help files (CocoaWGet/CocoaWGet Help), and click the Open button. Click the Create Folder References For Any Added Folders button and click the Add button.
NOTE Any type you use in XAML must have a default (parameterless) constructor. Silverlight XAML currently has no provision for passing arguments into a constructor or an initialization function, so you ll need to make sure your types can be initialized using defaults and properties alone.
Customizing the Ribbon involves server-side code, JavaScript code, and manual XML editing. There are no good tools or templates in Visual Studio 2010 to make Ribbon customizations, but you can find samples and add-ons, such as the SharePoint Ribbon Generator, in the Visual Studio Online Extension gallery.
directive), then you have to put the IBOutlet keyword in the property declaration, not in the instance variable declaration, in order for it to work correctly. Although both work, we re going to follow Apple s lead and put the IBOutlet keyword on the property declaration, for the most part. In some of our applications, we ll have outlets to objects without any matching properties, and in those cases we ll put the IBOutlet keyword in front of the instance variable declaration. You can read more about the new Objective-C properties in the second edition of Learn Objective-C on the Mac, by Mark Dalrymple and Scott Knaster (Apress, 2008), and in The Objective-C 2.0 Programming Language available from Apple s developer site at:
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