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C.FirstName, E.LoginID, SP.SalesYTD, SP.CommissionPct, SP.Bonus, PSC.ProductSubCategoryID,PSC.Name ORDER BY ST.NAME, EmployeeName, Sales DESC
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Testing the client-activated service Compile the service, and then launch it passing the new configuration file name, as shown in figure 5.6.
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A first preview of PLINQ was released November 28, 2007. Microsoft hasn t further revealed plans in terms of release schedule. An overview of PLINQ was published in MSDN Magazine in October 2007 ( Running queries on multi-core processors at Another project from Microsoft related to distributed computing is DryadLINQ. DryadLINQ is a research project that combines the Dryad distributed execution engine and LINQ. Dryad enables reliable, distributed computing on thousands of servers for large-scale data parallel applications. You can learn more about Dryad and DryadLINQ at
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A Web site that supports Open Search must provide a description file that defines the search services available at the site. Below is an example description file (taken from the Open Search developers Web site) for a fictional search service at
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Using the WMI Explorer to locate a WMI class
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17.6 Business logic
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <Elements xmlns="" > <Module Name="VisualWebPart1" List="113" Url="_catalogs/wp"> <File Path="VisualWebPart1\VisualWebPart1.webpart" Url="WebPartsInAction.Ch3.VisualWebPart_VisualWebPart1.webpart" Type="GhostableInLibrary" > <Property Name="Group" Value="Custom" /> </File> </Module> </Elements>
CHAPTER 2: Getting Started
Before we begin looking at the features, let s describe how you install IIS. For security purposes, IIS is not installed by default. Once you install IIS, it is configured to serve static content so that you are allowed to serve only static HTML pages. You can install IIS by configuring your server into a web server role by running the configuration wizard built into Windows Server 2003. To open the wizard, click the Start button and select Manage Your Server. You ll see the screen shown in figure 4.1. Once Server Manager is open, you can add roles to your server that will configure it to do a specific task, such as hosting web applications. You can also use this tool to 68
This completes our Next button. Figure 12.3 shows Visual Studio .NET with this button displayed. If you are feeling creative, the editor supports a wide range of drawing controls, in many ways similar to the Microsoft Paint application installed with the Windows operating systems. In the figure, the drawing controls are available in the bottom row of toolbar buttons, and the Colors window is shown on the left side of the window. If not shown, the Colors window is displayed by right-clicking within the Bitmap Editor window and selecting the Show Colors Window item. A bitmap for the Prev button can be created in a similar manner as described in the previous table. An alternate method of creating this file is used in the following steps:
Profiler data (continued) recording to a table 580 Profiler GUI 551 Profiler trace 579 filters 579 Profiler trace data 580 Find command 580 Profiler trace events 580 ProfileRequests property 713, 716 Profilerto 575 programming model 219 programming support 302 project management 325 projection 212 213 covering index 213 property expressions 727 729, 732, 734 Property Expressions Editor 717 718, 728 729 proportional fill strategy 563 protection tools 11 types 12 protocols 262, 268 protocol changes 256 protocol information 384 protocol transition 508 provider model 306 providers 344 345, 349 provisioning 518 proxy class 316 client 315 server 506 service 310 user 270 Publisher 487 hardware 491 pull subscribers 492 purging 322 push subscriptions 485 large number 492
Update new property
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Tagging and folksonomies are not perfect, and some see them as too messy and imprecise, but they work amazingly well. Like blogs and wikis, they make it easier for ordinary people to collaborate in new ways in this case, to add some meaning to the Web. In this section, we ll discuss the intersection of tagging and blog technologies and we ll explore some ways you can use tagging in your blog and your blog apps.
CHAPTER 2: Introducing the Xcode Workspace
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