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} // private form variables... private Machine machine; private int uiCredits; private int uiBet; private Hand dealHand; private Hand drawHand; private Button dealDrawButton; private Button startOverButton; private Label messageLabel; private Label creditsLabel; private Label machineStatsLabel; private TextBox betTextBox;
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As you can see, the first solution using subqueries is by far the fastest, whereas the fourth solution using cursors is by far the slowest.
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This is the event handler in your folder action script that is executed when the folder window is closed.
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Listing 9.7 Querying XML containing namespaces with LINQ to XML
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Task 5-14. Viewing Revisions and Approving Content
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expanding columns. See dynamic columns exploded pie chart type 126 export format 173, 348, 368 CSV 176 Excel 176 HTML 173 HTML OWC 174 image 176 MHTML 174 PDF 176 XML 176 exporting to XML 204 using HTML Viewer 310 Expression Editor 143, 181 expression scope 146 expression sequence processor 145 expression-based queries 87, 97 expressions compilation errors 147 dealing with errors 147 defined 143 disadvantages 143 execution order 145 overview 143 scope 146 syntax rules 145 using for calculated fields 81 extensibility 184 defined 517 features 9 Extension object 315 external code 187 advantages when using custom code 187 calling instance methods 190 calling shared methods 189 deployment 188 referencing 188 external functions 160 external resources 47 Extraction, transformation, and loading 422 extranet applications 382 reporting model 382 security considerations 383
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Before we venture into the StatusBar class, it is worth looking at the classes behind this and all other Windows Forms controls. In chapter 3 we saw how the Menu class derived from the Object, MarshalByRefObject, and Component classes. The hierarchy for the StatusBar class is shown in figure 4.2.
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Listing 6.3 Referencing a single resource dictionary
we implemented in this chapter. Besides rendering the report on the server side of the application, such a control can facilitate reporting off data sources not natively supported by RS, such as external datasets. Finally, extranet applications often follow the Client-to-Fa ade-to-Report Server design pattern. Thanks to RS s flexible exporting options, you can custom-tailor the report s XML output to meet your integration needs. Sometimes the user requirements will demand more flexible reporting options than generating standard reports. The next chapter shows you how you can achieve this goal by integrating RS with OLAP applications.
Template Development Procedures
SQL Server operations and I/O sizes
Then, you can use tcpTrace or SoapTrace to capture the SOAP traffic, as we discussed previously. Don t forget to take out the virtual port of the URL when you re finished tracing.
It is estimated that dealing with the task of storing and retrieving objects to and from data stores accounts for between 30 and 40 percent of a development team s time.
PS (4) > $bar = $foo PS (5) > $bar Key --a b c
To create a POSIX file value, you write POSIX file followed by a POSIX path string. For example: POSIX file "/Applications/" The POSIX path string must provide an absolute path name, that is, one that begins at the file system s root (/) and that describes the full path to the desired file, folder, or disk. (If you re familiar with Unix, you ll know that the Unix command line also understands the concept of relative path names; AppleScript isn t this clever unfortunately.) One strange thing you ll notice when you compile a POSIX file literal such as this: POSIX file "/Applications/" is that the AppleScript compiler will helpfully rewrite it as this: file "Macintosh" This can be quite annoying if you need to recompile the script again later, because AppleScript will treat the file "..." code differently. (See the previous section for more information.) However, you can always prevent AppleScript from rearranging your code by writing it in a slightly different way: POSIX file (get "/Applications/") You can also supply the POSIX path string via a variable or other expression: set path_string to "/Applications/" set posix_file to POSIX file path_string The resulting value will appear in Script Editor s Result area as follows: file "Macintosh"
#define Defines a symbol (for use with #if ) #undef Undefines a symbol (for use with #if ) #if-#elif-#else-#endif Tests a symbol and evaluates code accordingly #warning Generates a warning from a location in the code #error Generates an error from a location in the code #line Modifies the compiler s line number
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