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Listing 17.3 Asynchronous processing methods (VB.NET)
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A top ranking of these waits necessitates the inspection of a number of related queues.
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method that resumes its execution at the point it stopped the last time it was called, as if nothing had happened between invocations. All C# methods are subroutines except methods that contain a yield return instruction, which can be considered to be coroutines.1 One thing you may find strange is that although we implement a method that returns an IEnumerable<int> in listing 3.3, in appearance we don t return an object of that type. We use yield return. The compiler does the work for us, and a class implementing IEnumerable<int> is created automagically for us. The yield return keyword is a time-saver that instructs the compiler to create a state engine in IL so you can create methods that retain their state without having to go through the pain of maintaining state in your own code. We won t go into more details on this subject in this book, because it s not required to understand LINQ, and anyway, this is a standard C# 2.0 feature. However, if you want to investigate this, .NET Reflector is your friend.2
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protected TextBox m_feedUrl; protected TextBox m_itemCount; protected override void CreateChildControls() { m_feedUrl = new TextBox(){ID = "feedUrl"}; m_itemCount = new TextBox() {ID = "itemCount"}; this.Controls.Add( new Label() { Text = "Feed Url:<br/>", AssociatedControlID = m_feedUrl.ID }); this.Controls.Add(m_feedUrl); this.Controls.Add( new Label() { Text = "<br/>Items to show:<br/>", AssociatedControlID = m_itemCount.ID }); this.Controls.Add(m_itemCount); this.Title = "Feed Properties"; base.CreateChildControls(); this.ChildControlsCreated = true; }
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There is a limit to the number of simultaneous open files. This limit is implemented as a #define, FOPEN_MAX, defined in the file <stdio.h>. At the time of this writing, FOPEN_MAX was defined to be 20.
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Listing 2.2 Overriding System.Object methods
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Similarly, this binding expression will set the value of the TextBlock to be $1,024.10 assuming the decimal BilledAmount field contains the value 1024.10m:
if (self!=nil) { seed = 1; } return (self); }
NHibernate exposes database identity to the application in two ways:
PowerShell includes a cmdlet that is also useful for this kind of task: the GroupObject cmdlet. This cmdlet groups its input objects by into collections sorted by the specified property. This means that we can achieve the same type of ordering by the following:
Just choose to send the call to any of the options shown and you will see the small Speaker icon move to the current source being used for the call (Figure 6 3).
Creating a database
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