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[Function(Name="dbo.BookCountForPublisher")] public int BookCountForPublisher( [Parameter(Name="PublisherId", DbType="UniqueIdentifier")] System.Nullable<System.Guid> publisherId) { IExecuteResult result = this.ExecuteMethodCall( this, ((MethodInfo)(MethodInfo.GetCurrentMethod())), publisherId); return ((int)(result.ReturnValue)); }
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No User Interaction
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CHAPTER 4: All Fingers and Thumbs: Multitouch Interface Design and Implementation
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Figure 30 17. The Genius license agreement in iTunes.
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[Serializable] Serializable class public class User { private string username; private Address address; Class constructor public User() {} public string Username { get { return username; } set { username = value; } } Properties public Address Address { get { return address; } set { address = value; } } public MonetaryAmount CalcShipCosts(Address from) { // ... } }
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Let s use this isometric tilemap in a cocos2d game. As you might expect, some things will have to change compared to working with orthogonal tilemaps. In particular, you need to set up cocos2d properly to allow isometric tiles to partially occlude game characters. Determining a touched tile also requires different code than from orthogonal tilemaps, and when scrolling, you can no longer stop scrolling at the borders of the tilemap because the tilemap itself has a diamond shape.
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Figure 5-13. The Responses tab, showing a list of response types you can select
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PS (12) > [environment]::currentdirectory C:\Documents and Settings\brucepay
Introducing query expressions
private void printDoc_PrintPage (object sender, System.Drawing. Printing.PrintPageEventArgs e) {
Converting an existing application to use one of these cloud-based databases is somewhere between difficult and not worth the trouble; but for applications already using the Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)-based frameworks, these cloud databases can easily provide core data-management functionality. They can do it with compelling scalability and the same economic benefits of cloud computing in general. But as table 2.5 illustrates, there are definite drawbacks to these new types of cloud databases that you must take into account when contemplating a shift to the cloud.
Up to this point, I have covered topics pertaining to the Mac OS and Mac OS X system, its design, and the development tools and frameworks. In addition, I ve discussed the basics of Apple s Project Builder and Interface Builder. Project Builder is Apple s Integrated Development Environment (IDE), used for developing all types of Mac OS X applications from command-line tools to GUI-based Aqua applications. The Project Builder IDE uses UNIX development tools such as gcc, g++, gdb, RCS, and CVS for performing its development tasks. This strikes a nice balance between the usefulness of a GUI-based development environment and the power of the UNIX tool set. Interface Builder works in conjunction with Project Builder. You use Interface Builder to design and build the user interface component of your program, as well as define many of your application s classes. In the first four chapters, you ve also learned that the foundation of Mac OS X is Darwin, an open source operating system based on a Mach kernel and BSD. The source code for Darwin is freely available for download, study, and modification ( On top of Darwin are the Mac OS X-specific layers that complete the system and help distinguish Mac OS X from other consumer operating systems. Against this backdrop, you are ready to move on to programming under Mac OS X and learn about its supporting tools and frameworks. As you will see, making
Figure 3.5 SQLIO results include IOPS, MB/second, and various latency metrics. Running several tests using different storage configurations helps to determine optimal storage configuration prior to SQL Server installation.
14.6.2 Creating the sender
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