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Core Data includes String and Date types, as well as a selection of numeric types: Int 16, Int 32, Int 64, Float, Double, Decimal, and Bool. In addition, it includes a Binary type which allows generic storage of any sort of data you may want to attach to an entity (which you pack into a binary chunk on your own), and a special Transformable type which allows many otherwise unsupported Cocoa classes, such as NSImage, to be stored with Core Data. More on that later. Note that the Core Data storage types have different names from the value classes in Cocoa (NSString, NSNumber, and the like). When Core Data attributes are read into a running application, they are converted into the nearest Cocoa equivalent, which means, for example, that all the numeric types end up as NSNumber in an application, and are converted back into the underlying storage format for saving.
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Listing 5.13 Building a conditional query based on user input
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To address the property directive line, we shall use a shortcut. Highlight and copy this entire line
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So that s it, a brief introduction to the core tools that you will use to develop applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can see that while the tools and techniques are fundamentally the same, there are also differences that can catch you out. There is a huge amount more to learn about developing for the iPhone. We haven t even touched on the range of controls, rotating views, the accelerometer, integration with other iPhone software, mapping, or anything to do with networking. And to be honest, all of that is more than we are going to be able to cover in this book, but remember that there are some great books out there that focus solely on iPhone development. Already you will have noticed how modular these basic components are, and how straightforward it is to put them together and begin to make great software. Much of that modularity and ease of use is due to the Framework-based design of Mac OS X and the iPhone OS. Underlying all of Cocoa are the Frameworks comprehensive libraries of code that drive not only the software you develop but Mac OS X itself. In 5, you will take a look at the Cocoa Frameworks and begin to explore some of the power that lies within them.
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NOTE: To create folders in addition to the default Inbox and Trash folders, you need to set them up in your main email account and sync them to your iPhone. We will show you how to do this in this chapter s Fine Tune Your Email Settings section.
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Create a new blank site by choosing Site Actions, Create Site. Type Products as the site name. Type products as the URL. Choose the Blank Site template. Choose Site Actions, Edit Page. Choose Add a Web Part in the Web Part zone on the left. Select the Business Data List Web Part and the Business Data Item Web Part. Edit the properties of the Business Data Item Web Part. Select the Categories entity and choose OK. Edit the Related Items Web Part: choose the Products entity to display, and select the Categories entity as the relationship item. Choose OK. Connect the web parts by choosing Edit, Connections, Send Selected Item To, dbo.Products, as shown in figure 4.26.
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s Note Lock files allow you to keep track of changes in the management pack. If you
Task 4-1. Configuring Integrated Windows Authentication
return s.ToUpper(); } [WebMethod( Description="Lowercase a string. Must be logged in to call.", EnableSession= true )] public string ToLower(string s) { requireLogin(); return s.ToLower(); } [WebMethod( Description="Return string length." )] public int GetLength(string s) { // login not necessary... return s.Length; } private void requireLogin() { if (!loggedIn) throw new SecurityException("Client not logged in!"); } private bool loggedIn { get { if (Session["loggedIn"] == null) return false; return (bool) Session["loggedIn"]; } set { Session["loggedIn"] = value; } } }
You can also insert multiple expressions in place of the initializing and iterator expressions:
You want to see plans with high use counts. Avoiding ad hoc queries with concatenated WHERE clauses can help here. You can also take advantage of table valued parameters in SQL Server 2008. Using the new Optimize for Ad Hoc Workloads instance setting in SQL Server 2008 is also beneficial here. The query in listing 14 will tell you which tables and indexes are taking up the most buffer space.
Figure 30-1. The scheduled events in iDo Script Scheduler s main window
This type of preview shows the effective plot area relative to the paper size. This type of preview displays the drawing on screen, as it will appear when plotted.
Figure 2-16. The new DLinq Objects toolbox provided by the DLinq Designer; fileCatcher.UpdateXml();
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