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Silverlight provides several useful APIs for both detaching your application from the browser and for checking the current state of your application. The first is the Application.Current.InstallState value. The values for InstallState are shown in table 5.1. When the installation state is changed, the Application object will raise an InstallStateChanged event that informs you to look at InstallState for the latest state. You can extend this concept to force an out-of-browser-only mode in your application simply by refusing to display the application UI unless running outside of the browser. In that case, your in-browser application would simply be an install-me-locally splash screen. Listing 5.2 shows how to set up your application so that it provides a meaningful experience only when run out of the browser.
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<station> <name>12th St. Oakland City Center</name> <abbr>12TH</abbr> <date>02/10/2009</date> <time>10:29:00 PM PST</time> <eta> <destination>Fremont</destination> <estimate>4 min, 17 min</estimate> </eta> </station>
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Use the MessageBox class with the Question icon.
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called. When an invalid state transition is attempted, a ThreadStateException is thrown. For instance, when a thread is in the Suspended state as a result of some other thread calling the thread s Suspend method, if the Abort method is invoked on that thread a ThreadStateException is thrown.
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it yourself. Alternatively, you could use a managed-service offering (typically around $800/month). In the beginning, this was overkill because of wasted capacity the website s volume could be handled safely on a shared server and hardly taxed the dedicated servers. At the other extreme, when the site started growing and exceeded the capacity of the single server, more servers were needed, each at an incremental cost of $200/month or $800/month, depending on the chosen deployment model. The cloud model provides a more economical choice, because you can rent a small virtual CPU for about a nickel an hour or $36.50/month. When a company exceeds this capacity, it can add and scale capacity as needed, dynamically. The system deployed in the cloud is able to start small, at an affordable price, while still having the flexibility to grow as and when needed at a moment s notice.
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The truth is that PowerShell doesn t actually contain a Dir command, or a Type command, or any of those other commands. Instead, PowerShell defines those as aliases to some of PowerShell s native cmdlets. Aliases are just nicknames for cmdlet names. These are some of the real cmdlet names you ve been using:
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Persistence is a fundamental concern in application development. If you have some experience in software development, you ve already dealt with it. Almost all applications require persistent data. You use persistence to allow data to be stored even when the programs that use it aren t running. To illustrate, let s say you want to create an application that lets users store their company telephone numbers and contact details, and retrieve them whenever needed. Unless you want the user to leave the program running all the time, you ll soon realize that your application needs to somehow save the contacts somewhere. You re faced with a persistence decision: you need to work out which persistence mechanism you want to use. You have the option of persisting your data in many places, the simplest being a text file. More often than not, you may choose a relational database, because such databases are widely understood and offer great features for reliably storing and retrieving data.
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Exploring the Formic Code
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When you create new entities in AutoCAD, they re placed on the current or active layer. Therefore, to draw entities on a specific layer, you must first make that layer active.
Your Environment
one of the two last lines. Try running this with the last line commented out, and then try running it a second time with only the next-to-last line commented out.
Advanced binding capabilities Listing 12.18 PriorityBinding
The Flippers
<UserControl.Resources> <local:Repository x:Key= repository /> </UserControl.Resources> <Grid x:Name= LayoutRoot DataContext= {StaticResource repository} > <TextBlock Text= {Binding Emoticons[2].Name} /> </Grid>
Use the Visible property to set whether a drawing object is visible or not. This method is also available to the Application, Group, and Toolbar objects, although for a Group it is write-only. Set this property True to make an object visible, and False to hide it. Making an object invisible can be useful for performing complex entity creation or modification tasks. This property has the following syntax: Object.Visible = blnVisible The following example shows how to implement this method. It hides, and then makes visible, an object. Public Sub ToggleVisibility() Dim objDrawingObject As AcadEntity Dim varEntityPickedPoint As Variant On Error Resume Next ThisDrawing.Utility.GetEntity objDrawingObject, varEntityPickedPoint, _ "Choose an object to toggle visibility: " If objDrawingObject Is Nothing Then MsgBox "You did not choose an object" Exit Sub End If objDrawingObject.Visible = False objDrawingObject.Update MsgBox "The object was made invisible!" objDrawingObject.Visible = True objDrawingObject.Update MsgBox "Now it is visible again!" End Sub
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