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The solution manifest file
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fork is assumed to have a specific structure, the essential fact is that every file is potentially two files. When you open a file using the Carbon functions, you specify not only the file to open but which fork. The API was later generalized to support any number of file forks. But in practice, only the two original forks are consistently supported. The data fork is the unnamed fork of the file, and is the fork accessed by the BSD functions and Cocoa methods. The virtual file system may emulate multi-fork files on file systems that don t inherently support them by creating additional, invisible, files to accommodate the data. BSD and Cocoa functions can access a file s resource fork using a synthetic path name of the form The syntax essentially treats every data file as a directory containing an arbitrary number of named fork files.
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1. Launch the Site Stager, and log on as system administrator. 2. Choose OK to select Destination User Is Not a Member of the Administrators. 3. Choose OK to validate the selection in the Destination User Setup dialog box. 4. Select Configure. 5. Enter account information in the User Setup dialog box: Select Type <domain>\<user name>. Enter a password. 6. Save changes, and exit the dialog box.
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Establishing a connection
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Typing Numbers and Symbols
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These items are related specifically to the font capabilities of Silverlight. We ll now cover each of these items in detail, in the order they appear in the table.
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Lessons learned You need to think about the complexity of LINQ to Objects queries. Because we deal with lists and loops, it s particularly important to try to spare CPU cycles if possible. Keep in mind that you should avoid writing queries that iterate collections more than once; otherwise your queries may perform poorly. In other words, you don t want to waste your time counting chocolate chips again and again. Your goal is to find the cookie quickly, so you can attack the next one without delay. You also need to take into account the context in which they will be executed. For example, the same scenario in the context of a LINQ to SQL query would be very different because LINQ to SQL interprets queries in its own way, which is dictated by what the SQL language supports. The conclusion is that you should use LINQ to Objects wisely. LINQ to Objects is not the ultimate solution for all use cases. In some cases, it may be preferable to use traditional approaches, such as for and foreach loops. In other cases, you can stick to LINQ, but it s better to create your own query operators for optimal performance. There s a lesson from the Python philosophy: write everything in Python for simplicity, readability, and maintainability, and optimize what you need in C++. The analog here is: Write everything in LINQ, and optimize when you must using domain-specific operators. In this section, we have mainly compared different solutions that use LINQ. In the next section, we ll focus on comparing LINQ solutions to traditional ones. The goal is to give you an idea of LINQ s overhead.
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The Protection Level drop-down list specifies the level of protection of the data that is sent between the client and the server. The possible values are: Call Authenticates at the beginning of each request to the server Connect Authenticates when a connection is made to the server None No authentication Pkt Authenticates that all data is received on the client Pkt Integrity Authenticates that all data is received on the client and that it has not been altered in transit Pkt Privacy Authenticates that all data is received on the client and that it has not been altered in transit, and protects the privacy of the data through encryption The Connect Timeout option specifies the number of seconds the server should wait before the connection times out because of an error. In addition, you can specify access permissions for the connection. Next, click the All tab, shown in figure 2.6. This tab displays a summary listing of all properties that you have set for your connection. You can change each property by selecting it and then clicking the Edit Value button. Once you finish setting up your UDL file, click OK to close the dialog box. When you create your UDL file, a connection string is built behind the scenes that will allow you to connect to your database. Now, if you hold Ctrl and Shift and then right-click your UDL document, you can select the Open With option. Select Notepad from the list and click OK. As you can see in figure 2.7, the UDL file is simply a connection string, complete with everything that you need to connect to a database.
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Script Runner The Script Runner program acts as an aggregator of scripts, giving you a launching pad for your AppleScripts (see figure 7.2). To run Script Runner, open /Application/AppleScript and double-click on the Script Runner icon. Clicking on the program s main window displays the application menu (also shown in figure 7.2). This menu lists the folders on your system that contain AppleScripts, as well as their contents. AppleScripts are stored in /Library/Scripts and your home directory, within ~/Library/Scripts. Keeping scripts in folders is a good way to organize and access related scripts from the Script Runner menu. In addition, I prefer to order the menu starting with my scripts (whose folder is prefixed with an underscore) followed by system-level scripts. To add a new script to Script Runner, exit the program, open a script folder (/Library/Scripts or ~/Library/Scripts), drag the compiled script to the target folder, and launch Script Runner. In general, Script Runner is a nice way to organize completed scripts that you access often. (Try adding it to the Dock for better access.)
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CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
CHAPTER 2: Introducing the Xcode Workspace
You can compile and execute this program, as shown in figure 2.4.
There are three basic capabilities that need to be added to SphereNetViewController to get it up to speed with all of this nifty networking code we just wrote: We need to have it actually create an instance of SphereNetNetworkController and notify that instance whenever the user moves the local sphere around. We need to keep track of all the remote spheres and move them whenever an update comes in from the network controller. We need to remove inactive spheres after they ve been idle for a certain amount of time. To support these three tasks, we ll be adding three instance variables to the class.
That s it. That s all you have to do. The actions sent by the menu item will be automatically connected to the appropriate object in the responder chain, or disabled otherwise. In the TicTacToe project, the TTTDocument object implements two actions: -reset: and -playForPlayer:. The menu items Reset and Play One Move send these actions. There s also a Reset button that sends the same action. Open and close TicTacToe document windows and see how this affects that state of the menu items.
-- Reorganize (Defragment) an index ALTER INDEX IX_SalesOrderHeader_SalesPersonID ON Sales.SalesOrderHeader REORGANIZE
Although certainly not a requirement, this example uses the new WCF binary encoding with a WCF SOAP service on the server-a new feature enabled by default in Silverlight when using the Silverlight Enabled WCF Service template mentioned in section 14.5.1. This reduces the message size considerably in situations where the server and client aren t using GZIP compression on the content and the server is running .NET 3.5 SP1 or above. In addition, the server side is able to handle more requests due to the binary nature of the messages. The downside is that the service clients are restricted to those aware of the proprietary format, unless you add a second endpoint.
Entering and editing text
You can use the POSIX file keyword to convert a Unix-style path string into an AppleScript file reference value: set posix_file_path to "/Applications/" set the_file to POSIX file posix_file_path --> file "Macintosh" "/Applications/" as POSIX file --> file "Macintosh" I m not sure why POSIX file should be defined in Standard Additions dictionary instead of AppleScript s, but it works OK, so don t worry about it. See 13 for more information about POSIX file.
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