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4. CLLocationManager provides a didUpdateToLocation delegate method that is called whenever the user s location changes. Since we want to sort the list of stations by the closest one to the user, we ll have to implement this method in RootViewController so that the application can sort the list of stations once a location is obtained.
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Table 15.10 Property
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products in that category; this report can then take us to another report. You get the idea. Imagine the power your business users will feel when they spend 5 minutes creating a report that gives them access to this type of drill-through. Notice that earlier we warned you that this will work only if the model is set up correctly; that is, the model must understand the relationships between entities. As you learned in section 7.2, relationship management operates through roles. A model isn t of much value without roles, so as long as you relate your entities to one another through roles, you won t need to do anything else to enable infinite drill-through.
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proxy.GetTimeCompleted += new EventHandler<SilverService.GetTimeCompletedEventArgs> (proxy_GetTimeCompleted); proxy.GetTimeAsync(); } void proxy_GetTimeCompleted(object sender, SilverService.GetTimeCompletedEventArgs e) { Results.Text = e.Result.ToLongTimeString();
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CHAPTER 2: Hello, World
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[characterLabel setStringValue:result];
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CHAPTER 13: Playing Music
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Design patterns
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APPLY wordfragments (p.email) AS w rowno >= @batchstart rowno < @batchstart + @batchsize
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Note that we have our application assembly AssemblyCaching.dll and the Microsoft assembly all packaged in the same .xap file. The resulting file size is 29 KB. Hardly large by web standards, but we know it could be even smaller. Once we select the option to use cached framework extension assemblies, the manifest changes to include a new section named Deployment.ExternalParts:
Searching and monitoring the Web
Listing 8.2 Specifying if the current context should be exited before the wait begins (C#)
Islands solution 3 using group identifier based on ranking calculations
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