c# barcode generator example 1: Designing a Simple, Frenzic-Style Puzzle Game in Objective-C

Integrating data matrix barcodes in Objective-C 1: Designing a Simple, Frenzic-Style Puzzle Game

NSAutoreleasePool *pool; pool = [[NSAutoreleasePool alloc] init];
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We can t decide for you how you are going to use blogs and wikis, but we can give you some guidelines to help you narrow the options. Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself as you start to shop for a blog or wiki server. Do you need a blog, a wiki, or both Blogs and wikis are technologically similar and share the goals of making the Web into a better environment for writing and collaboration, but they are fundamentally different. If you re selecting software, you re going to have to choose one or the other, or both. Here are some guidelines to help you decide:
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When dealing with INNER JOINs, people rarely have a problem thinking of the ON clause as a filter. Perhaps this comes from earlier days of databases, when we listed tables using comma notation and then put the ON clause predicates in the WHERE clause. From this link with the WHERE clause, we can draw parallels between the ON and
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In the physical world the more moving parts an object contains the higher the probability of a mechanical failure. The same is true in software development. Any time two threads interact with the same piece of data the possibility of things going wrong exists. The two most common errors are race conditions and deadlocks.
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This chapter has taken you through some of the basic features of Project Builder, Apple s main IDE for building Mac OS X applications; and Interface Builder, the application used to create your program s user interface. You ve seen how to use these programs to create a simple Cocoa application and walked through some common scenarios that come daily when developing programs with Project Builder. You ve also learned that Project Builder continues the development of IDE-based development environments for the Macintosh, but breaks with the past by using external UNIX-based development tools such as gcc, g++, gdb, RCS and CVS for implementing build and version control commands. Armed with this knowledge, you are well on your way to creating your own Mac OS X applications with Project Builder and Interface Builder. In chapter 4, I will move on to discuss the details of the different development options available under Mac OS X. In chapters 5 7, I show how to write more advanced, fully functioning applications using Cocoa and AppleScript.
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The XNamespace class represents and XML namespace. If we concatenate the o object with "Author", the Descendants method will go through the XML document until it reaches the Author tag for the namespace represented by the o object. You can search for a particular attribute in a similar way. In Listing 3-10 the code searches for the default font style used in the Word document.
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Often, you will want to create a string from an array. To do so, you would invoke the array s join() method, which converts the elements in the array to strings and then sequentially glues them together. join() takes an optional parameter, which is a separator to glue the elements together with. Note that, if you omit the separator, then JavaScript will use "," by default. So say we d like to create a comma-separated list from pirates, with each entry on a single line, we would pass "/n" as the separator. JavaScript will then invoke toString() on each element in pirates and join those strings together with "/n".
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Polymorphic many-to-one associations
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This code assumes that Car is doing the right memory management thing, arranging to retain the object. Note that the Car as shown in 6 doesn t follow our memory management guidelines we were so young and naive then but we ll show you how to fix that in a little while. After the tires are assembled, a new engine is created, just as before, and the engine is placed in the car:
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Here we use the explicit method syntax instead of a query expression because it will make the transition to the next version of the code. This method can be called using the code in listing 5.15.
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CHAPTER 3: Audio Streaming: An Exploration into Core Audio
The following code lets the user choose a selection of objects and a mirror axis, and then mirrors the objects around that axis. Public Sub MirrorObjects() Dim objSelectionSet As AcadSelectionSet Dim objDrawingObject As AcadEntity Dim objMirroredObject As AcadEntity Dim varPoint1 As Variant Dim varPoint2 As Variant ThisDrawing.SetVariable "MIRRTEXT", 0
sum = AddTheseNumbers( 5, 6 );
<Canvas> <MediaElement x:Name="me" Source="http://www.silverlightinaction.com/video3.wmv" MarkerReached="me_MarkerReached" /> <TextBlock x:Name="tb" Canvas.Top="330" Foreground="White" FontSize="20" FontWeight="Bold" /> </Canvas>
In the example command, the object to create was a string and we passed three arguments to the string constructor: the character array, the start index, and the length to
An example Common Feed Format newsfeed Listing 6.6 shows a simple example newsfeed in Common Feed Format with the CF extension elements shown in bold. It was produced by a C# program called Normalizer.cs, which you can find in the online examples that accompany the book (in the directory csharp\ch06\Normalizer). Normalizer.cs can take any RSS or Atom newsfeed and convert to Common Feed Format. See the readme in the csharp\ch06 directory for instructions on building and running Normalizer.cs.
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