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#import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @class SwitchViewController; @interface EinSwitch01AppDelegate : NSObject <UIApplicationDelegate> { UIWindow *window; } @property (nonatomic, retain) IBOutlet UIWindow *window; @end
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Start enjoying the shared content: Once the Home Sharing feature is enabled on at least two computers, the second computer will then see the shared content underneath the Shared heading in the Left nav bar in iTunes. To start viewing, playing, and importing this shared content, click the shared library, as shown in Figure 26 26.
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Figure 5 22. By pressing the 2x button in the lower right-hand corner, you can see the Simulator gives this expanded view. Note that the button label changes to give the reducing option: 1x.
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self.angle = 0; self.angleVar = 0;
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The UserControl and Button are both content controls, a concept we ll discuss in greater detail in chapter 10. For now, it s important to understand that a content control may only have one direct child element, typically a panel that holds other elements. The x:Name and x:Class properties are part of the namespace specified by the xmlns:x statement. More on that in a moment The Grid and StackPanel are both Panels, which is a type that has a Children collection to allow multiple contained elements. We ll discuss panels in chapter 7. The ability to flexibly nest objects permits a composition approach to UI design. Rather than having to purchase or custom-code a button control that allows, say, three lines of text and an image, you can simply compose those into an appropriate layout panel and make that panel the content of the button control. The nesting of objects is part of what gives us an object tree. We ll cover that in more detail shortly. Now that we ve covered the basic structure of an XAML file, let s talk about how you differentiate your SuperButton control from my SuperButton control, even though we used the same control name: namespaces.
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Like HTML, XML is fairly bloated. That is to say, the ratio of data to structure (tags) is quite low. For this reason, encoding data in XML tag attributes has gained favor over doing so with child nodes. Take a peek at the XML file data/s4.xml to see what I mean by that. Compare its code, displayed here, to that of data/s3.xml. We ll put this into a third scroller. < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <gallery> <shoe href="ten.html" src ="images/lunaracer.jpg" alt="Nike LunaRacer"></shoe> <shoe href="ten.html" src ="images/glide_bos.jpg" alt="Nike Lunar Glide, Boston"></shoe> <shoe href="ten.html" src ="images/glide_nyc.jpg" alt="Nike Lunar Glide, NYC"></shoe> <shoe href="ten.html" src ="images/mariah.jpg" alt="Nike Mariah"></shoe> <shoe href="ten.html" src ="images/fly_org.jpg" alt="Nike Lunar Fly, Orange"></shoe> <shoe href="ten.html" src ="images/fly_blk.jpg" alt="Nike Lunar Fly, Black"></shoe> <shoe href="ten.html" src ="images/elite.jpg" alt="Nike Lunar Elite"></shoe> <shoe href="ten.html" src ="images/vomero.jpg" alt="Nike Zoom Vomero"></shoe> <shoe href="ten.html" src ="images/max.jpg" alt="Nike Air Max"></shoe> </gallery> Because XML encoded this way is referred to as Simple XML, let s name the function that will parse data/s4.xml, parseSimpleXML(). Like before, the first thing we want to do is move the prep() invocation from parseXML() to parseSimpleXML(), replacing it with a call to getData() for data/s4.xml. You know, so that the three new scrollers are in the DOM tree prior to JavaScript running prepSprites() and prepScrollers(): function parseXML(req) { if (req.status === 200 || req.status === 304) { var domTree = req.responseXML; var elements = domTree.getElementsByTagName("shoe"); var div, ul = createElem("ul", {className: "slide"}), li; for (var i = 0, j = elements.length; i < j; i ++) { li = createElem("li", null, [ createElem("a", {href: elements[i].getElementsByTagName("href")[0].firstChild.data}, [ createElem("img", {src: elements[i].getElementsByTagName("src")[0].firstChild.data, alt: elements[i].getElementsByTagName("alt")[0].firstChild.data})])]); ul.appendChild(li); } div = createElem("div", {className: "scroller", id: "s3"}, [ createElem("div", {className: "wrapper"}, [ul]), createElem("div", {className: "left arrow sprite"}), createElem("div", {className: "right arrow sprite"})]); document.body.appendChild(div); } getData("data/s4.xml", parseSimpleXML); } function parseSimpleXML(req) { prep(); } Now what would you do next in parseSimpleXML() Make sure XMLHttpRequest.status is either 200 or 304, the same as we did for parseHTML() and parseXML().
Using XML files to specify mappings is similar to using attributes on classes. With XML mapping, the mapping file needs to be specified when instantiating the DataContext. Unlike attribute-based mappings, the XML mapping file can be dynamically changed without recompiling. Additionally, attributes can be removed from the business class definitions, which should facilitate focusing on the business requirements. XML mapping files also offer the added benefit of keeping our mappings in a central location, making maintenance of the mapping portions easier. We don t need to be concerned about learning an entirely different set of properties to use the external file. The XML mapping elements look similar to the attributes we ve already discussed. The amount of code that needs to be maintained is reduced. By using the XML mapping, we can eliminate the inline attributes on our class. Instead, we can use the file shown in listing 7.1 to map our Author object to the database.
CHAPTER 14: Your Calendar
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