c# barcode generator example Figure 1-7. Xcode s New File dialog to create the UIView subclass in Objective-C

Encoder ECC200 in Objective-C Figure 1-7. Xcode s New File dialog to create the UIView subclass

The CurrentState property represents the mode the MediaElement is in. This mode is exposed as a value of the System.Windows.Media.MediaElementState enumeration. This enumeration provides all the possible states a MediaElement can be in. These states are listed and described in table 20.3.
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Consumer Connections IWebPartParameters
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Listing 6.6 Use XSL transformations to fine-tune the report s XML output.
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TIP: Press and hold the .com key to see all the options: .org, .edu, .net, .de, and so on.
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CHAPTER 30: Your iTunes User Guide
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Introducing 4 An Introduction to the Code
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to the signaled state and the manager picks up the completed element. Listing 8.4 demonstrates the basic elements of the architecture presented in figure 8.5.
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Get-Process | Stop-Process
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Understanding the different classifications of clouds
To specify the report parameters for parameterized reports, we load an array of the ParameterValue structures. Then, we call the Render method to request the report. Finally, we need to take an extra step for showing the report. When a report is requested by URL, the browser does this automatically for us. However, when requesting reports via SOAP, we are on our own. To display the report, we save the report payload to a file with the appropriate extension. For example, if the report is requested in HTML, the file extension is .HTML; if it is IMAGE, then the extension is .TIF (the default image format), and so on. We save the report file in the Application Data folder under the user called Document and in the Setting folder. To get the file path and name right, we use a simple GetFileForReport helper function that takes the report name and export format and returns the full path to the file. Once the file is saved, we shell out to it using Process.Start. This will start the application associated with the file extension to load the file and display the report. Dealing with errors Unlike with the URL access option, using SOAP allows you deal gracefully with error conditions. The Report Server exposes exceptions as SOAP faults. The Common Language Runtime subsequently maps them to a .NET exception of type System. Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException. This allows developers to code defensively using Try Catch blocks, as the following example shows:
-- Force Failover - run on mirror instance - data loss possible ALTER DATABASE Sales SET PARTNER FORCE_SERVICE_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS
'' create an invisible attribute lngMode = acAttributeModeInvisible strTag = "Invisible" strPrompt = "Enter a hidden value" strValue = "I'm invisible" dblEnt(1) = 0.5 objBlock.AddAttribute dblHeight, lngMode, strPrompt, dblEnt, strTag, _ strValue '' create a constant attribute lngMode = acAttributeModeConstant strTag = "Constant" strPrompt = "Don't bother" strValue = "I'm set" dblEnt(1) = 0 objBlock.AddAttribute dblHeight, lngMode, strPrompt, dblEnt, strTag, _ strValue '' create a verify attribute lngMode = acAttributeModeVerify strTag = "Verify" strPrompt = "Enter an important value" strValue = "I'm important" dblEnt(1) = -0.5 objBlock.AddAttribute dblHeight, lngMode, strPrompt, dblEnt, strTag, _ strValue '' create a preset attribute lngMode = acAttributeModePreset strTag = "Preset" strPrompt = "No question" strValue = "I've got values" dblEnt(1) = -1 objBlock.AddAttribute dblHeight, lngMode, strPrompt, dblEnt, strTag, _ strValue '' now insert block interactively using sendcommand ThisDrawing.SendCommand "._-insert" & vbCr & "Affirmations" & vbCr End Sub Neither constant nor preset attributes prompt for values. The Verify attribute prompt repeats. Only four attributes are visible in the drawing, as shown in Figure 13-5. The Invisible attribute is present but hidden.
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This is quite a bit simpler than the earlier example, because SelectNodes() on an XmlDocument returns XmlElement objects that PowerShell adapts and presents as regular objects. With the XPathNavigator.Select() method, we re returning XPathNavigator nodes, which aren t adapted automatically. As we can see, working with the XmlDocument object is the easiest way to work with XML in PowerShell, but there may be times when you need to use the other mechanisms, either for efficiency reasons (XmlDocument loads the entire document into memory) or because you re adapting example code from another language. In this section, we ve demonstrated how you can use the XML facilities in the .NET framework to create and process XML documents. As the XML format is used more and more in the computer industry, these features will be come critical. We ve only scratched the surface of what is available in the .NET framework. We ve only covered some of the XML classes and a little of the XPath query language. We haven t discussed how to use XSLT, the eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation language that is part of the System.Xml.Xsl namespace. All of these tools are directly available from within the PowerShell environment. In fact, the interactive nature of the PowerShell environment makes it an ideal place to explore, experiment, and learn about XML. 10.3.5 The Import-Clixml and Export-Clixml cmdlets The last topic we re going to cover on XML is the cmdlets for importing and exporting objects from PowerShell. These cmdlets provide a way to save and restore collections of objects from the PowerShell environment. Let s take a look at how they are serialized.
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