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Table 2 KEY 249 Results for medium-complexity ranking query RANK 113 Description Value-priced bike with many features of our top-of-the-line models. Has the same light, stiff frame, and the quick acceleration we re famous for. This bike is ridden by race winners. Developed with the AdventureWorks Cycles professional race team, it has an extremely light heat-treated aluminum frame, and steering that allows precision control. Our lightest and best quality aluminum frame made from the newest alloy; it is welded and heat-treated for strength. Our innovative design results in maximum comfort and performance. Aluminum cage is lighter than our mountain version; perfect for longdistance trips. Light-weight, wind-resistant, packs to fit into a pocket. Simple and light-weight. Emergency patches stored in handle. A light yet stiff aluminum bar for long-distance riding. Alluminum-alloy frame provides a light, stiff ride, whether you are racing in the velodrome or on a demanding club ride on country roads. Affordable light for safe night riding uses three AAA batteries.
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A mental model is the construction that your user builds in his mind to describe and predict how your software works. For example, a word-processing system provides a mental model to the user of a space in which to create nicely formatted text content, perhaps with pictures. A word processor that didn t support a readily identifiable model would be more difficult to learn, since the user would have no familiar frame of reference in which to approach the program. The mental model that you would be trying to support in writing a word processor would be one involving the creation of a new document (a blank sheet of paper in the real world), tools to put text and images down on the page (a pen or even a typewriter, with a pastepot to glue in a picture), tools to construct the document (more pages when you need them), and some mechanism to store it at the end of the process (folders in a filing system).
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The current settings object for the Developer Dashboard is acquired from the web service of the content application. The settings are then configured, the mode is set to OnDemand, and the required permissions are set to full permissions. Finally, the settings object is updated to save the changes.
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I ll present four solutions to the islands problem: using subqueries and ranking calculations; using a group identifier based on subqueries; using a group identifier based on ranking calculations; and using cursors. I ll also present a variation on the islands problem, and then conclude this section with a performance summary.
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Figure 1-2. Calling an extension method
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the Visual Studio 2008 SP1 ReportViewer control only knows how to render the old (first-generation) RDL-style reports. Sigh. Thankfully, another upgrade to Visual Studio and the ReportViewer control to incorporate the next-generation RDL renderer is underway. I hope it ships before the new Boeing 787 rolls off the line and given that the machinists are on strike, it might have a chance.
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Query operators are not a language extension per se, but an extension to the .NET Framework Class Library. Query operators are a set of extension methods that perform operations in the context of LINQ queries. They are the real elements that make LINQ possible.
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${This is a variable name}
The changes here were all made to the Get-ServerInfo public function. I started by adding the [CmdletBinding()] directive B, which tells the shell that I ll be using the extended, cmdlet-style parameter attributes. I didn t add any attributes to the -logfile parameter, but I added three to the -computername parameter, declaring it as mandatory, and indicating that it should accept input from the pipeline both ByValue and ByPropertyName c. That means both of these examples will now work:
printf( "After while loop, i=%d.\n\n", i );
We ve have added yet another method, FinishLookup c, which is designed to be run on the main UI thread. To call this method on the right thread, we have to Invoke it. If you did threading in Windows Forms, you may remember the Invoke() method that existed on controls. This method forced a call to the control on the thread that created that control. The problem with the Invoke mechanism in Windows Forms was that it was somewhat limited. For example, you could only Invoke methods on Controls. This may not sound like much of a limitation, but it caused some difficulties it was not uncommon to have to create an invisible control for no other purpose than for getting a message on the proper thread. WPF, in contrast, allows you to Invoke a method on any class derived from DispatcherObject. DispatcherObject is close to the top of the derivation chain for WPF several levels even above Visual and it s relatively lightweight, so you can derive from it without too much overhead. To invoke a method on a DispatcherObject, we don t call a method directly. Instead, we use the Dispatcher class b. It has a number of overloads that support different arguments, but they all come down to forcing a call to be made on the appropriate thread. Notice that we re setting a priority on the Invoke call. A nice feature of the Dispatcher is that we can specify the importance of the invoke, and have it be high priority, or only get called when the UI thread is idle, or one of a number of other settings. The Invoke method takes a delegate. We re using the WaitCallback delegate for no other reason than that it takes a single argument, but we could use any existing or
that value is not null.
to access databases. Windows authentication provides many benefits over SQL Server authentication. The Windows domain structure provides more security features, such as secure validation, password encryption, expiration, minimum password length, and most important, account lockout. SQL Server authentication is for non-trusted connections. Usernames and passwords are managed by SQL Server. This method of authentication is mainly for backward compatibility with legacy SQL Server databases (before version 7.0) that didn t support Windows authentication. It is also available for connections that do not use Windows as a domain controller. The recommended practice is to use Windows authentication for all connections to SQL Server.
Advanced LINQ to SQL features
Pretty simple, huh Without all this key-value goodness, we d have to write a loop over the cars (assuming we could even get hold of the cars array from the garage), ask each car for its mileage, accumulate that into a sum, and then divide by the count of cars not hard stuff but still a small pile of code. Let s pull apart the key path we used this time: "cars.@avg.mileage". Like @sum, the @avg operator splits the key path into two parts, the part that comes before it, cars in this case, is a key path to the to-many relation for cars. The part after @sum is another key path, which is just the mileage. Under the hood, KVC happily spins a loop, adds up the values, keeps a count, and does the division. There are also @min and @max operators, which do the obvious things:
The data flow can work with data only as fast as it can acquire data from its source. If you can only select rows from a source database at a throughput of 10,000 rows per second, SSIS will be limited to processing no more than 10,000 rows per second as well. As shown in figure 1, the easiest way to determine how fast you can acquire data from a source is to hook the source component up to a Row Count transformation or a Copy Col- Figure 1 An OLE DB Source component umn transformation and execute the data flow hooked up to a Row Count task, taking note of the time it takes to extract transformation your source data. I recommend repeating this process six or more times to establish an average baseline. To use the Row Count transformation, you ll have to set up an SSIS variable to use in the transformation s properties. The Copy Column transformation doesn t have this requirement, and can be hooked up to the source component with no configuration needed. Once you have your extract average baseline, you ll know the fastest possible speed at which SSIS can process your data. To ensure that you have the source properties tuned to achieve maximum performance, follow these tips: Make sure you are using current drivers for your connection. If there are multiple drivers available, be sure to test each one for the best performance, and ensure your packages use the optimum driver.
Navigating and using Mac OS X
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