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they re elements, so we ll call them ElementA and ElementB. Then we can set things up to switch between them. The easiest way to create the ABSwitcher class is to add a new item of type class and then modify it. Listing 19.8 contains the entire code for the ABSwitcher class.
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Invokes method on main UI thread
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early 1980s, disk space costs exceeded $200/MB; today, this cost has come down to under $0.01/MB. Network technologies have advanced as well, with modern bandwidth rates in the 100 1000 Gbps range commonplace in data centers today. As for WAN, the turn of the millennium saw a massive build-out of dark fiber, bringing high-speed broadband to most urban areas. More rural areas have satellite coverage, and on-the-go, high-speed wireless networks mean almost ubiquitous broadband connectivity to the grid. To support the cloud, a huge data-center build-out is now underway. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Expedia, Amazon, and others are deploying massive data centers. These are the engine rooms that power the cloud, and they now account for more than 1.2 percent of the U.S. s total electricity usage (including cooling and auxiliaries),2 which doubled over the period from 2000 to 2005. We ll present the economies of scale and much more detail about how these mega data centers are shaping up in chapter 2.
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Genius is a great way to mix up your music and keep it fresh playing the type of music you like but also finding some buried songs that may not be part of your established playlists.
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for the WaitHandle-derived object to become signaled. If the timeout occurs, the last parameter to WaitOrTimerCallback will be false. If the object becomes signaled before the timeout, it will be true.
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using System.Web.Services; [WebService( Description="A stateful greeting Web service", Namespace="http://manning.com/dotnet/webservices" )] public class HelloService2 : WebService { public HelloService2() { if (newSession) { newSession = false; // no longer a new session numInst = 0; // no instances so far numGreet = 0; // no greetings yet either } numInst++; } [WebMethod( Description="Greet by name.", EnableSession= true )] public string Greet(string name) { numGreet++; if (name == "") name = "Stranger"; return "Hello, " + name + "!"; } [WebMethod( Description="Get number of greetings.", EnableSession= true )] public int NumGreet() { return numGreet; // return private property } [WebMethod( Description="Get number of times constructor invoked.", EnableSession= true )] public int NumInst() { return numInst; // return private property }
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In a perfect world, there would be no legacy. Roving bands of highly intelligent lemurs would rewrite all your code in the middle of the night using the latest technology, and would leave a mint on your chair. To date, though, we ve barely managed to train the lemurs to retype the works of Shakespeare. And they keep misspelling Hamlet.1 So, here we are. You might want to use WPF for some things, but either you have an old application that s too big to rewrite right now, or you have one or two custom controls that you want to use in our new WPF application. These are the scenarios we re going to address in detail:
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Web Farm Apache Web Server 1 Apache Web Server 2
Project Builder in depth
You can choose among several methods of including resource files into a Visual Studio solution and SharePoint project, but none of them covers all possible aspects. The resource files in a SharePoint solution package are deployed into different locations, and use of the resources depends on the location. Table 6.1 shows the various locations that you can use to deploy resource files.
private void initMenu() { // initialize the menu... // create the form's main menu... Menu = new MainMenu(); // create the File menu... MenuItem fileMenuItem = Menu.MenuItems.Add("&File"); startOverMenuItem = new MenuItem( "&Start Over", new EventHandler(startOverHandler), Shortcut.CtrlS); fileMenuItem.MenuItems.Add(startOverMenuItem); MenuItem quitMenuItem = new MenuItem( "&Quit", new EventHandler(quitHandler), Shortcut.CtrlQ); fileMenuItem.MenuItems.Add(quitMenuItem);
/* Yikes! We forgot to set the return value */
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