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The call to myInteger.ToString( ) returns a string object that is then assigned to the string variable, integerString.
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protected List findAll(Class clazz) { return getHibernateTemplate().find( "from " + clazz.getName()); } }
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Using advanced query techniques
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Live search using XSLT
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This allows for an extremely high degree of flexibility while building your indexes. The one thing the authors want to emphasize, though, is that when you query an index that was built with a specific analyzer, unless you really know what you re doing, you should employ the identical analyzer when querying. This guarantees that expectations concerning the data you re querying are valid and there will be no surprises. This gremlin really rears it ugly head in the case of punctuation. Read the Javadoc of the org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.StandardTokenizer class for an example of exactly what this tokenizer does. It could cause you problems if you re not aware that it was employed to index the data you re querying. How do we get around this problem As of this writing, with Lucene you re out of luck. Either you have to know which analyzer was used to create the index via documentation, or the index creator could store the analyzer class type somehow, somewhere, so that it can be retrieved and reused. Hibernate Search, on the other hand, allows you to retrieve at query time which analyzer was employed at index time. We ll get to how Hibernate Search does this in just a minute, but first we want demonstrate how to manually apply an analyzer to a query. You never know when this will come in handy.
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<Person> Person ("Robert", 1978), null, <Person> Person ("Mark", 1980), Node <Person> (new Person ("Carrie", 2005), null, null), null) // no more siblings Mark
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Designing for performance
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Next, you establish a connection stream with Apple B. Notice that you connect to Apple s sandbox server. This is because you chose to send messages in debug mode. You should switch to Apple s production server when you re ready to submit your app to the store. Note the $appCert variable: this is the name of the SSL certificate you uploaded to the server. The code uses this certificate to establish a secure connection to Apple. The next section is a little tricky C: it converts the packet to be sent into the binary interface required by Apple. You can find more information about this format in the documentation for push notifications. Finally, you write the data to the stream and close it. The code for this provider is by no means complete for production. You must make several improvements. The first includes making a way for devices to send their tokens to your server. You need some sort of endpoint that takes a device token as a POST or GET request and stores it into a database. Also, you need to loop over these tokens and send out push notifications to everyone to which you intend to send a push notification. Finally, you need to create an interface to your provider that sends notifications when certain actions occur. These actions may be anything from a text message to notifying the user that it s their turn to move in a game.
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Custom providers The main reason for creating a custom logging provider is to handle situations when there are specific requirements for how notifications should be delivered. We ve seen that, for common notification sinks such as the Windows Event Log, Email, or a SQL Server database, there are already pre-built providers available, but there will also be times when we need to target other types of notification consumers such as a mobile phone device. When we are targeting a mobile device, we could create a logging provider that would receive notifications of critical behavior and have it send alerts to the cell phone of an application administrator to advise him that things are not quite right. When we need to target a notification consumer that is not supported by the standard logging providers listed in table 9.1, we need to write our own provider and add to it the logic for dispatching the notifications to the device we are targeting. We create a custom logging provider by creating a class that derives from the WebEventProvider class and overriding the ProcessMessage method. We place our custom logic for dispatching the event notification in the ProcessMessage method. It is this method that will be called by ASP.NET whenever an event that is mapped to our provider is fired. This method receives an argument named raisedEvent, which contains information about the Health Monitoring event that occurred. This information includes the event type, event code, and a message describing the event. Once we have created a custom logging provider, we can configure it for use via the provider s element of the healthMonitoring section of the web configuration file, as seen in the following code snippet:
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Building Ajax-enabled controls
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Example 2: thread pooling
True for 415-222-3523 False for 608-233-8484
Map result = new HashMap( tuple.length ); for (int i = 0; i < tuple.length; i++) { String key = aliases[i]; if ( key != null ) { result.put( key, tuple[i] ); } } return result; } public List transformList(List collection) { return collection; } } List<Map<String, Object>> results = fullTextQuery Attach the result .setProjection( "ean", "title" ) transformer .setResultTransformer( new ProjectionToMapResultTransformer() ) .list();
Working with objects
Hibernate Search has a pluggable architecture that allows you to change when and how indexing happens. To understand what can be changed, let s dive into some of the architecture s details and see how it works. Figure 5.11 shows the relationships between the architecture s components.
Mapping persistent classes
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