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<class name="User" table="USERS"> <composite-id> <key-property name="username" column="USERNAME"/> <key-property name="departmentNr" column="DEPARTMENT_NR"/> </composite-id> ... </class>
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Beyond the basic features of the program as experienced by the patrons and administrators, there are a few other requirements: The program is user-friendly and easy to navigate, especially for patrons, without much training or assistance. The application stores its data in a SQL Server database. Distribution of the application is done by administrative staff that has local administrative privileges, so a standard Windows installation package is sufficient. Configuration of the application uses standard XML methods. Except for these general and feature-specific requirements, I was given design freedom. But where did the listed requirements come from They came from the users, the masters of the application. It was their needs the needs of my customers and theirs, who would be using the product day in and day out that determined the list of requirements.
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There are three steps involved in performing integration testing upon an EJB. First, we must package the sources and any descriptors into a standard Java Archive (JAR; http: //java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/technotes/guides/jar/jar.html) or Enterprise Archive (EAR; http://java.sun.com/javaee/5/docs/tutorial/doc/bnaby.html#indexterm-47). Next, the resultant deployable must be placed into the container according to a vendor-specific mechanism. Finally, we need a standalone client to obtain the proxy references from the Container and invoke upon them.
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Lists BLOBs in container
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Example 1: database connection pooling
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Figure 10-1. Providers and data sets in action
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We ll take a closer look at the PersonalizationStateQuery class in chapter 9 when we look at different ways to manage our portal.
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In the dialog s center, select the Console Application template. This creates an oldfashioned command-line application that runs in a console window. It might not be the most exciting kind of program, but it s the easiest to create and understand, so that s where we ll start. You need to pick a name for your program by default, Visual Studio will suggest something unimaginative such as ConsoleApplication1. In the Name field near the bottom of the dialog, type HelloWorld. (OK, so that s equally unimaginative, but at least it s descriptive.) Visual Studio also wants to know where you d like to put the project on your hard disk put it wherever you like. It can also create a separate solution directory. That s something you d do in a larger program made up of multiple components, but for this simple example, you want the Create directory for solution checkbox to be unchecked. When you click the OK button, Visual Studio will create a new project, a collection of files that are used to build a program. C# projects always contain source code files, but they often include other types of files, such as bitmaps. This newly created project will contain a C# source file called Program.cs, which should be visible in Visual Studio s text editor. In case you re not following along in Visual Studio as you read this, the code is reproduced in Example 2-1. By the way, there s no particular significance to the filename Program.cs. Visual Studio doesn t care what you call your source files; by convention, they have a .cs extension, short for C#, although even that s optional.
Listing 10.4 Complete ObtainQuoteSpotlet.java
private int currentPrice; private int historicPrice; private String symbol = null; public ChartCanvas() { } protected void paint(Graphics g){ int currentColor = g.getColor(); Display title, g.setColor(255,255,255); current price next g.fillRect(0,0,getWidth(),getHeight()); to price bars g.setColor(currentColor); g.drawString(symbol + " Performance",1,1, Graphics.TOP|Graphics.LEFT); g.drawString("current vs. historic ", 1, 12, Graphics.TOP|Graphics.LEFT); g.drawString("$" + currentPrice, 1, 24, Graphics.TOP|Graphics.LEFT); g.drawString("$" + historicPrice, 1, 36, Graphics.TOP|Graphics.LEFT); int[] prices = {currentPrice, historicPrice}; int[] lengths = determineLengths(prices); g.fillRect (START_X_POSITION, START_Y_CURRENT, lengths[0], BAR_HEIGHT); g.fillRect (START_X_POSITION, START_Y_HISTORIC, lengths[1], BAR_HEIGHT); g.drawLine(30,26,30,50); g.drawLine(50,26,50,50); Draw bars g.drawLine(70,26,70,50); Draw graph grid depicting prices g.drawLine(90,26,90,50); or tick lines }
Pointy-hair retreats. You open the HTML page in Emacs, because that s the way you roll. You go directly to the head section. The cursor blinks. You begin to type:
<deploymentdescriptor destdir="${build}/ejb/META-INF" /> </ejbdoclet> </target>
As part of generating test data, you can specify the tables, columns, and a generator to use.
<asp:Button ID="btnUpload" runat="server" Text="Upload" OnClick="btnUpload_Click" /> </div> </div> </div> </div>
In order to use TouchJSON, you pass the CJSONDeserializer class an NSData object containing the JSON code. Listing 14.8 shows how to do so. In this Figure 14.5 It s easy to example, this work occurs inside a location manager extract data using TouchJSON. delegate. It s part of a program similar to our earlier GeoNames example, but this time we re looking up postal codes with a JSON return rather than altitudes with an XML return.
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