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The simplest tool for measuring time that we have at our disposal is the system clock, which JavaScript exposes to us through the Date object. If we instantiate a Date object with no arguments, then it tells us the current time. If one Date is subtracted from another, it will give us the difference in milliseconds. Listing 8.1 summarizes our use of the Date object to time events.
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To see how to interact with a database, you ll begin by creating a web application that can be used to display information about the AdventureWorks database. You ll start out by simply retrieving and displaying a subset of data. These exercises will teach you how to connect your controls to a database to retrieve, filter, and sort the data and then use the myriad options for presenting it attractively. As you may remember, AdventureWorks is a free database from Microsoft that represents a fictional company that sells outdoor and extreme sports gear. The database tracks products, inventory, customers, transactions, and suppliers.
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Figure 12.10 An example of a job shown in the ShowJob Activity
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Storing raw contact data from each account makes architectural sense, but by itself it d lead to a horrible user experience. If you had five accounts, you might have five separate entries for the same person, which would lead to extra complications whenever you wanted to call her. You want to have just one contact entry for each real contact you have, no matter how many accounts they re associated with. Android provides exactly this utility. Figure 15.5 shows how Android consolidates the information received from multiple accounts. In this example, the user has two contacts that are spread across three remote accounts. In the first phase, contacts are retrieved from each account. Next, Android will associate the matching accounts and consolidate each into a single logical contact. The raw contact data remains on the device, but the user will see and interact with the consolidated contact. This process works well but isn t perfect. Android may require additional help to recognize that two contacts refer to the same person; sometimes it may mistakenly combine two records when it should ve kept them separate. Fortunately, because Android never removes the raw contact data, you can easily join and separate accounts at any time, as shown in figure 15.6. This updates the contacts table and either creates or deletes Figure 15.6 Joining and a row there, but will leave raw_contacts untouched. separating contacts
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Next, we can assign an actual method to Request, as in:
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Listing 10.6 The interface for our DAO
< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <bridge namespace="AspNetAjaxInAction" className="FlickrSearch"> ... <transforms> XPathBridgeTransformer <transform type="Microsoft.Web.Preview.Services.XPathBridgeTransformer"> <data> <attribute name="selector" value="/rsp/photos/photo" /> Map to <dictionary name="selectedNodes"> photos <item name="ID" value="@id" /> <item name="Owner" value="@owner" /> <item name="Secret" value="@secret" /> <item name="ServerID" value="@server" /> Map nodes <item name="FarmID" value="@farm" /> to properties <item name="Title" value="@title" /> <item name="Tags" value="@tags" /> </dictionary>
explored POX and REST, and we discussed a bit of SOAP all of which use HTTP as the transport mechanism. Now that we ve covered a good deal of the networking possibilities, and hopefully given you at least a glint of an idea of what you can do with server-side APIs and integration with Android, we re going to turn to another important part of the Android world telephony.
BidEAO bidEAO = EAOFactory.jpa.getBidEAO(); Bid bid = bidEAO.addBid(item, userId, bidPrice); return bid.getBidId(); } }
spaces and uses newlines try { FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream("product-catalog.xml"); out.output(document, fos); Writes the JDOM representation to a file } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println("Exception while outputting JDOM:"); e.printStackTrace(); }
Throughout the latter half of this chapter we ve seen controls that were tied to the fully fledged targetFigure 14.9 A text field and a action mechanism. In the next chapter, that s going slider conspire to set the color of the iPhone s background. to change a bit when we see the same idea in a somewhat simplified form. Sometimes buttons or other controls are built into other classes of objects (such as the button that can be built into the navigation bar). These controls will have special methods that allow them to automatically create a target-action pair. As a result, you don t have to go through the nuisance of calling the addTarget:action:forControlEvents: method separately. We ll point this technique out when we encounter it as part of the navigation controller.
Visual Web Developer (VWD)
Figure 7.13 Our new resource file is added to the App_GlobalResources folder.
Figure 9.4 Select the XML Documentation File check box in your project properties to make Visual Studio extract the XML documentation into a given XML file.
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