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WHERE c.parentCategory IS NOT NULL
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You rename the <set> element to <bag>, making no other changes. Even the tables are the same: The BID table has the ITEM_ID foreign key column. In JPA, all Collection and List properties are considered to have bag semantics, so the following is equivalent to the XML mapping:
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deeper into iPhone web work, you ll be happy to know that there s a whole other way to do things. You can access touches and gestures directly. The touch support built into the WebKit is similar to the gesture support built into the iPhone s native SDK, revealing the programming power that you have no matter which method you use to write your iPhone programs. In both situations, Apple uses two standard abstractions: the touch and the event. A touch occurs when a finger comes down on the screen, when it moves across the screen, or when it s pulled up off the screen. An event is a collection of touches. It begins when a finger is first placed on the screen and ends when the last finger comes off. All of the touch actions that occur between the one that began an event and the one that ended an event are stored in the same event record. To facilitate ease of use, the WebKit also introduces an abstraction that you won t find in the SDK: the gesture. A gesture begins when two or more fingers touch the screen and ends when there are one or zero fingers left. Like touches, gestures are collected together into events.
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SELECT b FROM Bid b WHERE b.item = 1 ORDER BY b.bidPrice
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Picture this: the PhotoViewer application
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Robust HTTP with HttpClient
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AcroForm movies[0].movie[0].title[0] movies[0].movie[0].duration[0] movies[0].movie[0].imdb[0] movies[0].movie[0].year[0] movies[0].movie[0].original[0]
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In EJB 3, we use the EntityManager API to perform entity operations such as persisting, finding, and removing entities. In EJB 2 the home interface acted as a factory interface to provide methods to create, remove, and find entity bean instances. Clients used these methods to persist, remove, and query bean instances. In the new EJB 3 world, client applications should be modified to use the EntityManager API. Let s say we have an EJB 2 newUser method in the BazaarAdminBean that is a session fa ade used to create an instance of a User entity bean as follows:
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Before we start redeveloping pages for the iPhone, we ll also point you toward chapter 8. There s info there about setting up a local web server on a Mac and on using a variety of clients for debugging. You might find it useful for following the examples in any of these web development chapters.
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<target name="compile" depends="init,release-settings"> <depend srcdir="${src.dir}" destdir="${build.dir}/classes"
blocksMouse: true; onMousePressed: function(ev:MouseEvent) { dragOriginX=ev.x; dragOriginY=ev.y; } onMouseDragged: function(ev:MouseEvent) { n.layoutX += ev.x-dragOriginX; n.layoutY += ev.y-dragOriginY; }
Using CSS for styling The second job performed by CSS is the visual styling of the elements. The graphics used by the items in the folder are assigned by class name, for example:
Demonstrates use of XSLT with Java servlets Compares pure J2EE user interface development with an XML approach Shows how to build multidevice and multilocale user interfaces Covers XML web publishing frameworks
What influences indexing time for a single entity
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