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Have a single source tree The first tactic is to have a unified source tree, compiling all your code for all possible target systems in one single <javac> statement. With a unified source tree, you can build all the core server files together, and then create a single JAR of these classes. Ant can incorporate this JAR file into different WAR or EAR files, one for each target platform or system. These custom archive files can contain custom libraries and deployment descriptors. Have a unified target for creating the archive files As well as a single source tree, we want to have single targets to create the web.xml and WAR/EAR files. Ideally, we would like to have a single archive file we could reuse, but that is unrealistic because of the differences in library files and web.xml configurations that different target systems will need. To enable single targets with different configurations, we use property files and set all the different options for a build, as shown in figure 18.3.
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string[] eventNames = new string[5]; eventNames[0] = "Swing Dancing at the South Bank"; eventNames[1] = "Saturday Night Swing"; eventNames[2] = "Formula 1 German Grand Prix"; eventNames[3] = "Swing Dance Picnic"; eventNames[4] = "Stompin' at the 100 Club";
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Mapping the unexpected: custom bridges
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Again, a SELECT is needed for saveOrUpdate() to work. The following code shows how to load an instance:
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namespace Example_21_5_ _ _ _Joining_results { using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; // simple book class public class Book { public string Title { get; set; } public string Author { get; set; } public string Publisher { get; set; } public int PublicationYear { get; set; } } public class PurchaseOrder { public int OrderNumber { get; set; } public string Title { get; set; } public int Quantity { get; set; } } class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { List<Book> bookList = new List<Book> { new Book { Title = "Learning C# 3.0", Author = "Jesse Liberty", Publisher = "O'Reilly", PublicationYear = 2008 }, new Book { Title = "Programming C# 3.0", Author = "Jesse Liberty", Publisher = "O'Reilly", PublicationYear = 2008 }, new Book { Title = "C# 3.0 Cookbook", Author = "Jay Hilyard", Publisher = "O'Reilly", PublicationYear = 2007 }, new Book { Title = "C# 3.0 in a Nutshell", Author = "Ben Albahari", Publisher = "O'Reilly", PublicationYear = 2007 },
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Query q = session.createQuery("from Bid bid where bid.amount > :amount"); q.setParameter( "amount", givenAmount, Hibernate.custom(MonetaryAmountUserType.class) ); List result = q.list();
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In order to instantiate a modal view controller, you follow three simple steps that are executed when the user clicks on the appropriate button in the toolbar. You create the controller B, set its delegate C, and use UIViewController s presentModalViewController: animated: method to place it at the top of your user s screen D. You then don t have to worry about how the modal view controller looks or works; you just have to respond to the messages listed in the protocol reference. The fully featured interface that s available to you as soon as you pop up the controller is shown in figure 16.9. You ll do most of the work in the peoplePickerNavigationController:shouldContinueAfterSelect ingPerson: method E. This is called whenever a user
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10.1 Hosting static HTML websites
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Hibernate EntityManager is a wrapper around Hibernate Core that provides the JPA programming interfaces, supports the JPA entity instance lifecycle, and allows you to write queries with the standardized Java Persistence query language. Because JPA functionality is a subset of Hibernate s native capabilities, you may wonder why you should use the EntityManager package on top of Hibernate. We ll present a list of advantages later in this section, but you ll see one particular simplification as soon as you configure your project for Hibernate EntityManager: You no longer have to list all annotated classes (or XML mapping files) in your configuration file. Let s modify the Hello World project and prepare it for full JPA compatibility. Basic JPA configuration A SessionFactory represents a particular logical data-store configuration in a Hibernate application. The EntityManagerFactory has the same role in a JPA application, and you configure an EntityManagerFactory (EMF) either with configuration files or in application code just as you would configure a SessionFactory. The configuration of an EMF, together with a set of mapping metadata (usually annotated classes), is called the persistence unit. The notion of a persistence unit also includes the packaging of the application, but we want to keep this as simple as possible for Hello World ; we ll assume that you want to start with a standardized JPA configuration and no special packaging. Not only the content, but also the name and location of the JPA configuration file for a persistence unit are standardized. Create a directory named WORKDIR/etc/META-INF and place the basic configuration file named persistence.xml, shown in listing 2.11, in that directory:
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Dates and Times
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Listing 10.8 Chunking movies with the WPF movie player
EJB 3.1 provides a rich number of APIs and tools to map your business logic to modern invocation and remoting technologies, and this includes web services. Web services have evolved during the history of Java EE, and EJB 3.1 has adapted accordingly. Notably, this includes the recent support for JAX-WS and JAXB that support the latest web service technologies, with a major usability improvement over JAX-RPC.
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