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This method calls the method registerDirectory() using the following paths as a parameter:
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Photo data, provided by the XML
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Defines fake implementation of IConferenceRepository
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2.11 Generating finder methods for entity home interfaces
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Lest you forget it, let me remind you again: computers are not really very smart. They know how to do only the simplest of tasks. If you want them to do anything remotely complex, you have to give precise, step-by-step instructions down to moving individual bits of data only 1s and 0s, remember around in memory.
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Writing a Lucene query
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while(theElement != null){ selectedPosX += theElement.offsetLeft; selectedPosY += theElement.offsetTop; theElement = theElement.offsetParent; } xPosElement = document.getElementById("spanOutput"); = selectedPosX; if(theTextBoxInt.obj.matchTextBoxWidth) = theElemWidth; = selectedPosY + theElemHeight = "block"; if(theTextBoxInt.obj.useTimeout){ xPosElement.onmouseout = StartTimeout; xPosElement.onmouseover = EraseTimeout; } else{ xPosElement.onmouseout = null; xPosElement.onmouseover = null; } }
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Each accessor has an accessor body, which does the work of retrieving or setting the property value. The property value might be stored in a database (in which case, the accessor would do whatever work is needed to interact with the database), or it might just be stored in a private member variable (in this case, length):
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This was certainly a fairly complex component with a lot of moving parts. Grand architects or not, we ve developed a reusable component to be proud of. Our TextSuggest component handles a wide range of configuration parameters, it s extensible, it s server-agnostic, it s unobtrusive, it s cross-browser, it has a simple API for creation, it slices, it dices Well, maybe it s not all that, but seriously, it s
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element tag. The script element that links to our .js file should be included within the head tags of our HTML page:
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Note that in listing 4.3 you include a DTD declaration, which helps IDEs validate the document. The line <class name="Location" table="locations"> persists instances to the location s table. Next, create a mapping file for your Event class (listing 4.4) and put it in the same directory. Listing 4.4 The Event.hbm.xml mapping file, which makes Event persistent and links it to your Location class
Exercise 17-1. Write a countdown alarm program that uses delegates to notify anyone who is interested that the designated amount of time has passed. You ll need a class to simulate the countdown clock that accepts a message and a number of seconds to wait (supplied by the user). After waiting the appropriate amount of time, the countdown clock should call the delegate and pass the message to any registered observers. (When you re calculating the time to wait, remember that Thread.Sleep( ) takes an argument in milliseconds, and requires a using System.Threading statement.) Create an observer class as well that echoes the received message to the console. Exercise 17-2. Change the program you wrote in Exercise 17-1 to ensure that the event can be published to multiple handlers safely. Exercise 17-3. Rewrite the observer class in Exercise 17-2 to use an anonymous method. Exercise 17-4. Rewrite the observer class in Exercise 17-3 to use a lambda expression instead of an anonymous method.
The role of the server
appendix D: JavaFX and the Java platform
User Acceptance Testing
If a set of classes that provide user interface, persistent storage and other features for a specific device or set of devices sounds familiar to you, then you have been paying attention in earlier chapters. It should sound like the start of a profile! In fact, in 1999, the idea of Java throughout the enterprise, from server to small device, was being sold and was starting to explode. The concept of three Java editions was just getting started. Likewise, J2ME was still evolving. The idea of profiles and configurations was not formalized until after the 1999 conference. Sun and others involved in J2ME evolution recognized that the programming needs across the wide spectrum of devices were going to be enormous and diverse. Each device, or set of devices, was going to require some of its own APIs. From this realization sprang profiles (as well as configurations to address more general needs). Today, while a request for the specification for a PDA profile exists (as discussed in chapter 2), the actual specification, let alone an implementation, is still forthcoming from within the JCP. Without a valid J2ME profile to address the development of Java applications on PDAs, you will need to find an alternative development environment. KJava is one of the alternatives. One of the benefits of the KJava alternative is that it allows the developer to use a J2ME configuration, namely the CLDC, as the basis for the application.
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