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<<interface>> IComponent +Operation( )
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public class LoginFilter implements Filter { public void init(FilterConfig config) throws ServletException { } public void doFilter( ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response, FilterChain filterChain) throws IOException, ServletException { boolean accept=false; HttpSession session=( (HttpServletRequest)request).getSession(); User user=(User) (session.getAttribute("user")); Check session for User object if (user==null){ accept=login(request); Authenticate request }else{ accept=true; Let them in } if (accept){ filterChain.doFilter (request,response); Proceed }else{ Writer writer=response.getWriter(); writer.write (JSUtil.getLoginError()); Return error code writer.flush(); writer.close(); } }
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book, though they have been tested only on the original toolset. We do use the IBM database drivers (and I feel that the native database driver is almost always the
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A transaction is associated with the UserTransaction object, and the transaction is in the process of preparing, which means that the transaction manager is in the middle of executing the first phase of the two-phase commit.
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Table 13.7 You can modify your table cells in a variety of ways. Summary Sets the cell text s font using UIFont Sets how the cell s text wraps using UILineBreakMode
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By default, ASP.NET is configured to allow a maximum upload of 4 MB. If you provide a web role frontend to the BLOB storage as we ve done in this sample, you might need to increase the maximum request length. To increase the default value to a larger value, you need to add the following line under the system.web element in the web.config file: <httpRuntime executionTimeout="300" maxRequestLength="51200"/> The maximum upload size in the above example is 50 MB.
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Figure 5.1 shows how the part styles that are contained within the WebPartZone would affect the EmployeeDetails web part when it is rendered within a browser. Figure 5.1 shows that styles declared within the WebPart zone apply to all web parts displayed within this particular zone. On this occasion, the PartTitleStyle element ensures that each web part has a title with a black-colored background and its title is displayed in white, emboldened text. The PartStyle element provides the web part a graycolored background. 5.2.2
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The appendix will explain further some techniques for reliably testing MDBs in both unit and integration environments. The asynchronicity inherent in the message-driven model makes for some interesting challenges in ensuring that our tests work as expected.
Creates repository using factory
Behavioral Patterns: Strategy, State, and Template Method
@Stateless public class ItemManagerBean implements ItemManager { @PersistenceUnit private EntityManagerFactory entityManagerFactory; private EntityManager entityManager; public ItemManagerBean() {} @PostConstruct
Visitor Pattern
identical in-memory object instances. This can lead to problems if you treat them as equal in detached state. For example, consider the following extension of the code, after session2 has ended:
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