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} finally { // Clean up, closing the context to log out context.close(); }
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Integrating iText in your web applications
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Our MyType example also overloads the + operator it defines what should occur when we attempt to add two of these objects together. This means we can take the two objects from Example 18-12 and pass them to the AddAnything method from Example 18-4, as Example 18-13 shows.
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Returns true if heading events can be generated
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This program is a typical Java entry point class. We validate our arguments, exiting with an error code if they are invalid, and can throw an Exception for the run time itself to handle. So let s run it against an existing index:
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Storing personalization data At runtime, the process of saving and restoring personalization data is kicked off by the WebPartManager, as it manages the behavior of the portal during the event lifecycle of the page. The process begins when a user visits a web page within the portal. When this happens, the WebPartManager waits until the InitComplete phase of the page lifecycle, and then uses the WebPartPersonalization class to apply any existing personalization data to controls on the page. To do so, the WebPartPersonalization class requests the personalization data from the PersonalizationProvider. At the end of the page lifecycle during the OnPageSaveStateComplete phase the WebPartManager calls the Save method on the WebPartPersonalization class to save the state of the web part controls on the page. The WebPartPersonalization class gathers the personalization data for each of the web part controls on the page, and then hands it off to the PersonalizationProvider class for saving. Figure 6.5 provides an overview of the lifecycle of how personalization data is saved and loaded against controls on a web page. As you can see, the role of the PersonalizationProvider class is limited to data access within the lifecycle of saving and retrieving personalization data.
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6.3.1 Snag-It ordering using BMT
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/** * Base tests for the file transfer test classes, may * be extended either from unit or integration tests. * * @author <a href="mailto:andrew.rubinger@jboss.org">ALR</a> */ public abstract class FileTransferTestCaseBase { //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Class Members -----------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Logger */ private static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(FileTransferTestCaseBase. class); /** * The name of the directory under the writable temp filesystem which * will act as the home for these tests */ private static final String RELATIVE_LOCATION_HOME = "ejb31_ch06-example-ftp Home"; /** * The name of the system property denoting the I/O temp directory */ private static final String SYS_PROP_NAME_IO_TMP_DIR = "java.io.tmpdir"; /** * The File we'll use as the writeable home for FTP operations. Created and * destroyed alongside test lifecycle. */ private static File ftpHome; //-------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Lifecycle --------------------------------------------------------------|| //-------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Creates the directory which we'll use as the writeable home * for FTP operations; called before each test is run. * * @throws Exception */
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using System; using System.IO; using System.Xml.Serialization; namespace Programming_CSharp { // Simple customer class public class Customer
Many-valued entity associations
<database-object> <create> create or replace function GET_USER_RANK (IN_USER_ID int) return int is RANK int; begin select RANKING into RANK from USERS where USER_ID = IN_USER_ID; return RANK; end; </create> <drop> drop function GET_USER_RANK </drop> </database-object>
Our goal in this chapter is to tell you what s what in EJB 3, explain why you should consider using it, and, for EJB 2 veterans, outline the significant improvements the newest version offers. We ll then jump right into code in the next chapter to build on the momentum of this one. With these goals in mind, let s now start with a broad overview of EJB.
<set name="images" lazy="true" table="ITEM_IMAGE"> <key column="ITEM_ID"/> <element type="string" column="FILENAME" not-null="true"/> </set>
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