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IBAction Interface Builder object
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Custom mapping type for string-backed enumerations
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Creating the service class The next step is to implement the SocketListener service class. This is where all the socket listener behavior will be encapsulated. Listening for messages is slightly different than sending messages because the listener can never be sure of when or if the client will attempt to connect. As a result, if we simply listened for the connection and the data to be sent on the same thread that the application is running on, our application would appear to hang until the connection was terminated. For this reason, it is best to implement the connection listening part of the application on a separate thread. This allows the application to continue functioning while waiting and receiving messages. By handling messages on a separate thread, the data received by the message handler can be displayed immediately as well, rather than having to wait until the connection finished transmitting data. This is especially important if two devices require that the users provide input during the data exchange. If a separate thread is not used, a connection would need to be established each time the user entered a piece of data, since the connection and the data entry must share the same thread. The SocketListener class extends Thread to provide the ability to create and run the listener on its own thread.
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In the output of Example 16-6, the stack trace lists the methods in the reverse order in which they were called; by reviewing this order, you can infer that the exception was thrown in DoDivide( ), which was called by Run( ). When methods are deeply nested, the stack trace can help you understand the order of method calls and thus track down the point at which the exception occurred, and how you got there, if your method is called from several different points in the application. In this example, rather than simply throwing a DivideByZeroException, you create a new instance of the exception object:
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summarizing an entire branch of computer science in only a few pages, we strongly recommend the resources listed in the bibliography as further reading.
The motors are running in opposite directions, so we don't move, we just rotate about the center of the rig ((LeftMotorState == MotorState.Running && RightMotorState == MotorState.Reversed) || (LeftMotorState == MotorState.Reversed && RightMotorState == MotorState.Running)) return Rotate(duration);
Listing 15.2 A table for a navigator
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my ($test_string, $space_string, $n_spaces); BEGIN { $test_string .= chr($_) for (0x21 .. 0x7e); $space_string = $test_string; $n_spaces = $space_string =~ s/(.{5})(.{5})/$1 $2/g; } sub _set_font_params parameters { my $self = shift; my @bb1 = GD::Image->stringTTF(0, $self->{font}, $self->{font_size}, 0, 0, 0, $test_string); my @bb2 = GD::Image->stringTTF(0, $self->{font}, $self->{font_size}, 0, 0, 0,
The full SOAP response is too lengthy to include here, we ve presented three snippets. The first part defines some of the transport headers, saying where the response comes from, and so on. Within the body, we find a couple of elements describing the estimated results count the phrase returned 741,000 results, which is not considered to be an exact figure. Finally, we can see part of the first result returned, describing the link to the Dutch football team Ajax s home page. Listing 7.4 shows our callback handler, in which we parse the response.
Using pre-defined transformers The custom transformers we created in the previous sections have limited use. By contrast, having a set of pre-defined transformers is handy because they are common and can be used by all third parties. This means that they can be used as guidelines for vendors so that their web parts can be interoperable with other parts. This also means that the number of transformers required can be limited to just a few, as opposed to having to create new transformers every time we need to connect incompatible web parts. RowToParametersTransformer The RowToParametersTransformer is one of the existing ASP.NET transformers that allows us to take data from a provider implementing the IWebPartRow interface and connect it to a consumer which is expecting to receive data based on the IWebPartParameters interface. IWebPartRow and IWebPartParameters are both standard ASP.NET interfaces, and can be found in the System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts namespace. When a user connects two parts using the RowToParametersTransformer, a wizard step will appear within the connections zone to guide users through the configuration. During this step the user can map each column in the IWebPartRow data source to a parameter within the control. This screen is displayed when the connections zone is in ConfiguringTransformer mode. Figure 3.12 shows the first screen of the wizard for configuring a transformer being displayed within the connections zone. We can go back and edit the connection configuration at any time by switching the web part into connect mode and using the Edit button that appears when a transformer is present on the connection, as shown in figure 3.13. By looking at the wizard steps for configuring the RowToParametersTransformer, we have seen how the end-user s experience works with transformers. Now we can turn our attention towards creating two web parts that can be used with this type of transformer. We will need
SEL mySelector = @selector(growFruit:);
From app to applet Our FXD node Load as FXDContent type Top level Specific
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