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abstract persistence layer 69 administration 38 Adobe PDF 108 allmystuff 369 alternative technologies and EJB 350 alternatives to EJB 29 to entity beans 246 Amazon 5, 361 Ambler Scott 268 Ant 5, 17, 335, 338 target 338 antipattern 5, 124, 369 See also mini-antipattern Application Filters 230, 243 Application Joins 228, 242 books 362 Build Guru 337, 345 cache 359 community 365 Conversational Baggage 157 Custom DTO 73, 79 Customers in the Kitchen 66, 79 Database Connection Hog 101 and design patterns 359 360, 366 detective work 368 Eager Iterator 103, 124 Eavesdropping 195, 209 EJB Code Duplication 332, 344 and EJB future 355 entity beans 214 Face Off 215, 217, 240 Fat Messages 165 Golden Hammer 12, 20 Golden Hammers of Session State 143, 158 Ham Sandwich 222, 241 Hot Potato 191, 207 in industry 367 Integration Hell 341, 347 Killer System Exceptions 97, 123 Local and Remote Interfaces Simultaneously 60, 78 Magic Servlet 358, 362 Narrow Servlet Bridges 113, 125 on line 361, 366 Packrat 179, 205 Performance Afterthoughts 199, 210, 296, 320 Persistent Problems 275, 284 Premature Optimization 291, 319 Revolving Doors 235 Round-Tripping 369 Running with Scissors 339, 346 Rusty Keys 233, 244 seasoned developers and 12 Session Hodgepodge 152, 160 Sledgehammer for a Fly 30, 51 Slow Eater 194, 208 Swallowing Exceptions 94, 122 System Loaded Application Classes 332 System Loaded Applicaton Classes 343 Tangled Threads 86, 121 Thrash-tuning 303, 321 well-known 363 XML as the Silver Bullet 177, 204 antipattern Monolithic Consumer 188, 206 AntiPatterns text 363, 366, 371 372, 374 Apache 33, 371 application design 16 and EJB 18 application exceptions 92, 97 application filters 230, 232, 243 types 230 Application Filters antipattern 230, 243 application joins 228, 233, 242 examples 229 Application Joins antipattern 228, 242 Application servers overspending 5 pooling threads 86 application tier designing 57 application.xml 336
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Let s assume that we have a legacy order fulfillment application that we d like to tie in with a J2EE online order processing system. Rather than modifying the legacy system to interface directly with the new system, we d prefer to integrate the two worlds using a loosely coupled design. When an online order is initiated through the order processing system, it should trigger the following business logic sequentially:
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"username", @Column(name="USERNAME") ), "departmentNr", @Column(name="DEP_NR") )
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Creating a stateful session bean unit test
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First, we ll look at how you can retrieve information about the document you re going to manipulate. For instance, how many pages does the original document have Which page size is used All of this is done with a PdfReader object.
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Query query = new TermQuery( term ); Filter filter = new QueryWrapperFilter( query ); return filter; } } @Entity @Indexed Define filter @Table(name="PRODUCTS") @FullTextFilterDef(name="notachild", impl=NotAChildFilterFactory.class) @ClassBridge(name="childrenOnly", impl=ChildrenFlagBridge.class, index=Index.UN_TOKENIZED) public class Item { ... }
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On a similar note, if you need to modify the definition of existing entities, you should take care to ensure that your existing entities don t break your application after the upgrade. There are a few rules you should keep in mind to prevent you from running into too much trouble: Treat entity definitions as data contracts; breaking the contract will have a serious effect on your application, so don t do it lightly. Code any new properties as additional rather than required. This strategy means that existing data will be able to serialize to the new data structure. If your code requires existing entities to contain data for the new properties, you should migrate your existing data to the new structure. Continue to support existing property names for existing data. If you need to change a property name, you should either support both the old and new names in your new entity or support two versions of your entity (old definition
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Hosting Silverlight applications in BLOB storage
Custom SQL names and datatypes
The finder methods specified in the home interface will not appear in the bean class. In fact, the bean source remains unchanged, specifying only its abstract data getters and setters. The real changes for finder methods take place in the entity bean deployment descriptor, as shown in listing 3.25.
public class Test { public static void main(String[] args) throws InsufficientBalanceException { SavingsAccount account = new SavingsAccount(12456); account.credit(100); account.debit(50); } }
[echo] description=<some description> [copy] Copying 1 file to C:\AntBook\Sections\Extending\filters\build [xmlvalidate] 1 file(s) have been successfully validated.
Table 17-2 summarizes the interactions among different types of exceptions and transactions in message-driven beans.
In B, you create a generic annotation using a PdfWriter instance and a Rectangle. In C, you tell iText that you want to create a text annotation. Suppose some new type of annotation is invented; for instance, a "Foobar" annotation. You could create such an annotation like this:
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