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Advanced query options
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Sets text and image as label and icon
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public new virtual void Load(PersonalizationDictionary state) { PersonalizationEntry pe = state["Message"] as PersonalizationEntry;
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Note that we define the parent and extension objects separately at first and then mix them together. The parent-child relationship exists between these instances, not between the Vehicle and CarriagePuller classes. While it isn t exactly classic object orientation, it allows us to keep all the code related to a specific function, in this case pulling carriages, in one place, from which it can easily be reused. While doing so in a small example like this may seem unnecessary, in larger projects, encapsulating functionality in such a way is extremely helpful. Prototype also provides Ajax support in the form of an Ajax object that can resolve a cross-browser XMLHttpRequest object. Ajax is extended by the Ajax.Request type, which can make requests to the server using XMLHttpRequest, like so:
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1. Deliver message 4. Redelivery attempt Repeat steps 1-4 until message expires
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Figure 21-12 shows the report with the fake data on display.
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Entity beans: Take two
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Client code
PrintPreviewControl The PrintPreviewDialog control includes basic preview management features
Stored procedures are common in database application development. Moving code closer to the data and executing it inside the database has distinct advantages. First, you don t have to duplicate functionality and logic in each program that accesses the data. A different point of view is that a lot of business logic shouldn t be duplicated, so it can be applied all the time. This includes procedures that guarantee the integrity of the data: for example, constraints that are too complex to be implemented declaratively. You ll usually also find triggers in a database that has procedural integrity rules. Stored procedures have advantages for all processing on large amounts of data, such as reporting and statistical analysis. You should always try to avoid moving large data sets on your network and between your database and application servers, so a stored procedure is a natural choice for mass data operations. Or, you can implement a complex data-retrieval operation that assembles data with several queries before it passes the final result to the application client. On the other hand, you ll often see (legacy) systems that implement even the most basic CRUD operations with a stored procedure. As a variation of this, systems that don t allow any direct SQL DML, but only stored procedure calls, also had (and sometimes still have) their place.
Benefits of source control system s
Container-managed transactions
In this example the createNotifier() method returns an instance of StreamConnectionNotifier.
public User addUser(String username, String email, String creditCardType, String creditCardNumber, Date creditCardExpiration) { User user = new User(); user.setUsername(username); user.setEmail(email); BillingInfo billing = new BillingInfo(); billing.setCreditCardType(creditCardType); billing.setCreditCardNumber(creditCardNumber); billing.setCreditCardExpiration(creditCardExpiration); user.setBillingInfo(billing); entityManager.persist(user); return user; }
- (void)accelerometer:(UIAccelerometer *)accelerometer didAccelerate:(UIAcceleration *)acceleration { CGPoint curCenter = [redBall center];
8.1 The impedance mismatch
When the browser starts loading a web page, the DOM s window object fires the load event. This event is intercepted by the Application object, which, in turn, starts initializing the Microsoft Ajax Library s runtime. When the runtime has been initialized, Sys.Application fires the init event. During the init stage, all the client components you want to use should be instantiated and initialized. As you ll discover in chapter 8, client components are instantiated using a special function called $create and are automatically hosted by the Application object. After the creation of components is complete, Sys.Application fires the load event. This stage provides you with an opportunity to interact with the components created in the init stage. This is also the best place to attach event handlers to DOM elements and perform data access for example, using the techniques for sending asynchronous requests that we ll illustrate in chapter 5. When the user navigates away from the page or reloads it, the unload event of the window object is intercepted by Sys.Application, which in turns fires its own unload event. At this point, all the resources used by the page should be freed and event handlers detached from DOM elements. The events raised by the Sys.Application object and, in general, by client components are different from the events raised by DOM elements. In chapter 3, we ll explain how to expose events in JavaScript objects. The event model used by the Microsoft Ajax Library is similar to the model used by the .NET framework: Events support multiple handlers and can be subscribed and handled in a manner similar to the events raised by ASP.NET server controls. It s not difficult to deduce that one of the objectives of the Microsoft Ajax Library is bringing .NET flavors to the client side. The Application object, client components, events, and client-page lifecycle are the foundations of the Microsoft Ajax Library. They let ASP.NET developers use familiar development patterns even when writing JavaScript code. Before we go any further, let s take a moment to reinforce what you ve learned by putting together a simple program.
is appropriate. Then we save the HTML; you can see how unsightly it looks without any CSS applied to the elements (figure 11.7). To fix this drab-looking layout, we need to apply CSS to our elements. Since we have given the elements their own IDs, it makes the process simple. We reference the element s ID by placing a pound sign in front of it. We can add the stylesheet as an external file or inline via the <style> tag. In this case, we are using an inline <style> tag that we add to the head tag of the document. The CSS rules are added to alter the colors, fonts, sizes, location, margins, and so on, as shown in listing 11.5.
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