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The file name of a local file to check. Output. The original URL of the local file.
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String line; if (source == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("source"); while ((line = source.ReadLine()) != null) yield return line; } }
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Introducing the Web Part infrastructure
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CHAPTER 4: Wi-Fi and 3G Connections
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System III V releases Release Main features First commercial Unix from AT&T. FIFOs (named pipes). Inner Process Communicated (IPC) package; message queues, semaphores, shared memory. General upgrade. Enhancement release including advisory file and record locking, demand paging. Major enhancement to 2.0 including STREAM I/O (from Version 8), poll, Remote File Sharing (RFS), shared libraries, Transport Layer Interface (TLI), mandatory file and record locking, Transport Provider Interface (TPI). General upgrade.
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Figure 6-16. Trying to get an item of a record based on its index (position) generates an error.
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You can t just shove a FlowDocument directly into XAML. Instead, you have to put it into one of several container controls provided by WPF. In the example, we use a FlowDocumentReader b, which is a fairly rich document container it provides the search, paging, and zoom controls. You may remember the discussion on whitespace from chapter 3. The FlowDocument doesn t quite behave like regular XAML. By default, it does not use normalized spacing but automatically removes spacing around tags. Setting space to be preserved c gives us a much better result but also means that we can t wrap lines. If you take the version of the listing as wrapped for the book, it gets seriously ugly. All the content we put into a FlowDocument has to be inside of some sort of a container, such as a Paragraph d or a List. Paragraph is a lot like a TextBlock, and we can add items in a similar way. FlowDocument also has support for tables, sections, and other word-processy things. As with a TextBlock, we can add controls e. In this example, we add a button and some radio buttons. Later on, we add some shapes as well. To the layout manager, it s all the same. One of the really, really cool things about WPF something that we can t emphasize enough4 is that the whole system is based on composition. In the past, you might have bought a third-party control that let you deal with rich text, or, if desperate, made use of the built-in RTF control in Windows. That control did its own thing. Here, you have a control that lets you arbitrarily embed any type of control within it and handles it appropriately. More than that, the FlowDocument is held in a container
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CHAPTER 8: Shoot em Up
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To recap, validating the I/O system with SQLIOSIM before production implementation and ensuring page checksums are enabled are crucial steps in avoiding a scenario in which a large amount of data is corrupted before being discovered. SQLIOSIM will
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CHAPTER 2: Getting Started
Console.WriteLine("After Submit Changes:"); ObjectDumper.Write(context1.Subjects.Where(s => s.ID == Id)); ObjectDumper.Write(context2.Subjects.Where(s => s.ID == Id)); LinqBooksDataContext context3 = new LinqBooksDataContext(); ObjectDumper.Write(context3.Subjects.Where(s => s.ID == Id));
Using the read Command
Script 16-2 shows an ultracool script in regard to utilizing PDF data in the clipboard. It takes a selection you make with the marquee tool (Tools Select Tool) in a PDF document within the application Preview and saves it to a file you specify.
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