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namespace Poker { public class SimpleMachine { public Hand Deal() { return new Hand(); } public Hand Draw(Hand oldHand, string holdCards) { return new Hand(oldHand, holdCards); }
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There are two ways to adjust the volume on your iPad: using the external Volume buttons or using the Volume Slider control on the screen. The external Volume buttons are on the upper right side of the device. Press the Volume Up key (the top button) or the Volume Down key to raise or lower the volume. You ll see the Volume Slider control move as you adjust the volume. You can also just touch and hold the Volume Slider key and adjust the volume up or down. TIP: To quickly mute the sound, press and hold the Volume Down key for about 2 seconds.
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Listing 12.11 Sample expression tree generated for a LINQ to Amazon query
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Advanced reporting
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CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPhone with iTunes
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"Miller"; "Ward";
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The business case for cloud computing
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As expected, it prints out x is 7 . Now let s call function two.
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Figure 8-10. Telling Doxygen to generate a docset package
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This example shows a basic Binding that uses a custom converter. This converter alters the displayed text of a bool property called IsCorrect. The example shows that the custom converter is referenced through the Converter property. This property uses the curly-brace markup extension syntax just like the Binding syntax because it s the syntax used to reference a resource. You can also pass a custom parameter or the culture information if you need to.
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FluidMoveBehavior 666 included with Expression Blend 33 B zier curve 657 BezierSegment class 523 BiDi. See bidirectional text bidirectional text 9 binaries sharing 505 Binding 262, 265, 269, 345 binding binding source and target 262 to collections 274 276 data 263 DataForm class 296 299 to indexed elements 272 to objects 268 269 RelativeSource Self 272 source 267 276 support in INotifyDataErrorInfo interface 323 syntax 263 265, 278, 287, 688 to properties 267 268 to UI elements 270 272 ValidatesOnDataErrors property 316 binding modes 265 267 OneTime 265 OneWay 265, 268 TwoWay 266, 268, 277, 287 BindingMode enumerator 265 bitmap API 8 bitmap images creating at runtime 620 627 creating from UI elements 623 624 Deep Zoom 627 632 direct pixel access 624 stretching 632 636 supported formats 619 BitmapImage class 254, 619 BitmapSource class 620 Black font weight constant 209 BlurEffect class 532 BlurRadius property 533 Body property 76 Bold element 226 Bold font weight constant 209 BorderBrush property 235 BorderlessRoundCornersWindow 122 BorderThickness property 236 Bottom enumeration value 143
Listing 13.1 Creating a heap table
The other versions of WaitOne accept two parameters. The first parameter is a timeout value, either an integer or a TimeSpan object. If it is an integer, the value indicates how many milliseconds to wait. If the instance of AutoResetEvent becomes signaled before the timeout period WaitOne will return true.
Project Builder and Interface Builder
Tap any entry to call that number.
2000-01-01 2000-04-01 2000-07-01 .... .... 2024-10-01
In 16, we introduced you to blocks, an addition to C that Apple has come up with and included in Snow Leopard. We brought up blocks in the context of the concurrency features provided by Grand Central Dispatch, where blocks fit in really well, but there are many more uses for blocks. In Snow Leopard, Apple extended several Cocoa classes, adding dozens of new methods that take blocks as parameters. Let s take a look at some of them.
QBC. See Query by Criteria (QBC) API QBE. See Query by Example (QBE) <qualifyAssembly> 43 quantification 242, 351 query advanced techniques 238 243 building with string manipulations 238 by example 238 240 caching 253 255 comparisons between keys 230 complex 15, 207 complex criteria 221 criteria, comparison operators 219 dynamic 238 240 entity 244 Enumerable() 252 executing 208 215
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