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Database snapshot
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When testing this script, you can insert the following temporary line after line 9 to check what types of data have just been put on the clipboard: return clipboard info The value in Script Editor s Result area will probably look something like this: {{picture, 33546}, {TIFF picture, 29542}, { class PDF , 59627}} Notice how the clipboard contains PICT and TIFF versions of the copied data, as well as the obvious PDF version, so that other applications will have a range of formats from which to choose. For example, a bitmap graphics editor probably won t understand PDF data, but it can use TIFF or PICT data just fine. What you re interested in, though, is the PDF data, which is indicated by the class PDF entry. If you don t see class PDF in the list, it s probably because the front document in Preview isn t a PDF, so you ll need to open one that is. Once you re finished testing this part of the script, remember to delete or comment out this temporary line so that the rest of the script can execute.
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Breakpoints You use breakpoints to stop program execution at a statement in a procedure where you think a problem may exist. Breakpoints are cleared when they are no longer needed. To set a breakpoint, follow these steps: 1. Place the insertion point somewhere on the line of code where you want to stop execution. 2. Choose Debug Toggle Breakpoint, press F9, or click next to the statement in the margin indicator bar if it s visible.
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UML (Unified Modeling Language) 106 Unboxing 186 UNC path 160 Uncompressed Files 284 Unified Modeling Language (UML) 106 uninstall 274, 281 universal data links (UDL) 22, 23, 25 Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) see UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) unmanaged code 157 unregistered 146 URL 167, 181, 185 186 URL authorization 229, 250 UrlAuthorization 250 UrlAuthorizationModule 250 users accepting and validating usernames and passwords for 235 authentication of 244 245 data 235 principal of 247 roles of 199 200, 242, 247 security policies for 263 user denial 229 232, 250 User Interface Editor 277, 280 281 User Name 195 User_s Application Data Folder 278 User_s Desktop 278 User_s Favorites 278 User_s Personal Data 278 User_s Programs Menu 278 User_s Send To Menu 278 User_s Start Menu 278 User_s Startup Folder 278 User_s Template Folder 278 UserData 242 245 @Username 235
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annoyances of the old SQL Server Enterprise Manager, most importantly the modal windows. When you worked with Enterprise Manager and you opened a window to execute some task, you had to wait for the task to finish before you could open another window. SSMS introduces nonmodal windows, which allow you to open a window, start a process, and move on to other windows without affecting the first process. Though there are a few windows that are modal, most of them are not. While this tool does a lot more than help you manage RS, we only focus on how this tool applies to RS. Figure 8.26 shows the SSMS user interface. You can see that the top level for our reports is Home and that all of the folders under Home are what we would see if we navigated to the web-based Report Manager (http://[servername]/reports). Also notice that we have a Security folder as well as Shared Schedules. After further investigation, this seems to be a Windows client version of the Report Manager which in fact it is. SSMS mirrors the same structure and much of the functionality that is available in the web-based Report Manager. Since SSMS is the tool of choice for the SQL database administrators, they will find themselves right at home in managing the Reporting Services environment. Now that you have seen the SQL Server Management Studio, let s take a look at some other ways in which you can manage your Reporting Services environment with scripts. 8.4.2 Managing RS with the script host Traditionally, administrators have relied on scripts to perform routine day-to-day chores. Responding to this common need, RS comes with a script host that can be used to run scripts written in VB .NET. Scripting offers several advantages, including the following:
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DisplayAttribute properties and their uses
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Source="http://10rem.net/media/33418/wpfdisciples.png" Stretch="None" /> <Image Source="http://10rem.net/media/17094/commodorelogo_100x100.png" Stretch="None" /> </StackPanel> </ScrollViewer> <Button x:Name="Print" Content="Print" Grid.Row="2" Width="100" Height="30" Click="Print_Click"/> </Grid> </UserControl>
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To connect to any network listed, just touch it. If the network is unsecure (does not require a password), you will be connected automatically. NOTE: Some places, like coffee shops, use a web-based login instead of a username/password screen. In those cases, when you click on the network (or try to use Safari), iPad will slide up a browser screen and you ll see the web page along with login options.
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else e.Effect = DragDropEffects.None; } private void pnlPhoto_DragDrop (object sender, System.Windows.Forms.DragEventArgs e) { object obj = e.Data.GetData( DataFormats.FileDrop); Array files = obj as Array; int index = -1; foreach (object o in files) { string s = o as string;
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Genres: Types of Music
2. See 1 for more information.
Media services Media services are concerned with audio, video, imaging, animation, and so on. Media services encompass all that you d expect from a multimedia API, and a bit more. Many of the components in the media services layer support the type of presentation normally done with a product such as Adobe Flash, through custom code, or through interoperability to individual multimedia controls. Overall, the media services layer brings true multimedia development to mainstream UI creation, while avoiding the often Frankensteinian complexity of incorporating disparate media technologies. It also allows much finer-grained integration of media functionality into UI controls than existing technologies tend to allow. The media services are comprised of drawing (2D), typography, audio/video, WPF Imaging Components (WIC), 3D rendering, animation, bitmap effects, and the composition engine.
CHAPTER 9: Designing Your Own Data Structures
10.2 ContentControl
tions are a few Microsoft-supplied scripts that set up PowerShell s default configuration settings. Those scripts carry a Microsoft digital signature and won t execute if modified.
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