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parameters such as current vacation hours, date of hire, some sort of level information, and so on. Taking in individual parameters like that, rather than passing in an Employee object, helps reinforce the SRP and decouple from the rest of the system because the class no longer needs to be changed if the Employee class changes. Listing 16.11 shows the final version of this service, taking individual parameters rather than the Employee object.
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Wait for next general service pack release
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Figure 1.6 The default presentation for the ListBox items leaves something to be desired. It looks like WinForms or something! I demand more from our first Silverlight example.
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Start by going to the App Store and downloading Evernote. Once Evernote is downloaded and installed, you need to touch the Evernote icon to start the application. The first time you use Evernote, you will be prompted to sign up for a free account. Type in your email address and set a password, and you are ready to start.
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car.engine = engine; [engine release]; [car print]; Car *carCopy = [car copy]; [carCopy print]; [car release]; [carCopy release]; [pool release]; return (0); } // main
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Most importantly, this book isn t written by some geek you ve never heard of and never will hear from again, with no e-mail address or web site to post your follow-up questions to. Instead, it s written by a geek you may not have heard of but who will definitely be around. I m actively engaged with the cocos2d community at my www.learncocos2d.com blog, where I ll basically keep on writing this book.
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to examine values here. My instance name is MSSQL10MSSQLSERVER. For residents of the United States, the language abbreviation is ENU (short for English, US). (If you don t know your abbreviation, don't worry; shortly we ll look at a simple query that will let you discover it.) Regardless of where you live, navigate to the branch with your appropriate language abbreviation. Looking at the name TsaurusFile, you ll discover the name is tsenu.xml.
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while(RW.IsReaderLockHeld) { RW.ReleaseReaderLock(); } while (RW.IsWriterLockHeld) { RW.ReleaseWriterLock(); }
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When you override a method, invoking the superclass method is almost always a good idea, in case it s doing more work than you re aware of. In this case, we have access to the source for Shape, so we know that all Shape does in its setFillColor: is stick the new color into an instance variable. But if we weren t so well versed in Shape, we wouldn t know if Shape was doing something else. And even though we know what Shape does now, we might not if the class is changed or enhanced later. By calling the inherited method, we make sure we get all the features it implements.
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Above and beyond
Using the Bluetooth Headset
The code in this chapter runs from the Macros dialog box. To work from a UserForm, you need to modify each sample. For example, change code from this: Public Sub TestUserInput() Dim strInput As String With ThisDrawing.Utility .InitializeUserInput 1, "Line Arc Circle laSt" strInput = .GetKeyword(vbCr & "Option [Line/Arc/Circle/laSt]: ") .Prompt "You selected '" & strInput & "'" End With End Sub to this: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim strInput As String Me.Hide With ThisDrawing.Utility .InitializeUserInput 1, "Line Arc Circle laSt" strInput = .GetKeyword(vbCr & "Option [Line/Arc/Circle/laSt]: ") MsgBox "You selected '" & strInput & "'" End With Me.Show End Sub Programs written using the full version of Visual Basic 6 or VBA 6.3 (AutoCAD 2002 and later) are not limited to modal dialog forms. But sometimes it may make sense to hide the form while interacting with the user at the AutoCAD command prompt. Try to think like your users when you design the interaction process and your forms behavior.
1$ 1%
Once again, the initMachineStats method is similar, so we don t show it here. One difference is that the machine statistics change as play progresses, so we ll have to update the label text throughout. We ll do that at the end of every hand. 7.3.6 Creating text boxes The bet data, shown in the top right of figure 7.6, consists of a literal BET label with a text box underneath to display the amount of the player s current bet. The code to set this up is shown in listing 7.11.
CHAPTER 12: Physics Engines
Allow Separate Fonts Enables the editor to display different fonts for different language elements. Imagine you like string constants italicized. You select the Strings item from the pop-up menu (below the checkbox), check the Allow Separate Fonts checkbox to enable the Font text item (located at the bottom of the dialog box), and click Set. Then, select the appropriate font and typeface and click OK. The editor now displays all strings as italicized. Deselecting the checkbox will remove the font and typeface highlighting. Contrast this interface with emacs or vim, where you specify typeface styles and options in an initialization file. Doing this through an interface makes the job faster, but is not as extendable. Show Colors When Printing Prints source code listings with stylized fonts and font types. You can also get this functionality with the UNIX tool trueprint, but having the feature available with Project Builder is a real time saver.
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#include <stdlib.h>
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