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There are circumstances where changing a thread s priority is always a good idea. When a task is not critical to completion of some work and it can be delayed, it likely makes sense to lower that thread s priority. This may free up resources for other threads. If a thread has important work to do (is processor intensive), but that work isn t always present, it is probably a good idea to increase the thread s priority. Small changes in priority are typically the best. This is not an example of if a little does a little good, a lot will do a lot of good. 5.7.2 Setting processor affinity Under normal situations the OS scheduler assigns the highest priority available thread to each processor in the system. This means that if a process has more than one thread, each of those threads may execute on different processors. Generally this is exactly what is wanted. An exception is when the process contains CPU-intensive activity or the server is under a high load from other sources. By limiting what processor a process can utilize, you create situations where performance can be improved. A processor contains a certain amount of memory, called a cache. By keeping the same thread on the same processor, you ensure that the cache is utilized more frequently, and performance improves. The scheduler in Windows attempts to keep a thread on the same processor if possible for that very reason. This is known as soft processor affinity.
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PS (1) > "This is a This is a string in PS (2) > 'This is a This is a string in PS (3) > string double string single in double quotes" quotes in single quotes' quotes
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An interesting feature of the choose file name command is that you can choose a filename in a folder in which a file with the same name already exists. If you do, you will get the generic File Already Exists dialog box asking whether you re sure you want to replace it. Remember that choose file name creates only a file specifier. It doesn t create or replace any files itself, so merely clicking Replace won t affect the existing file. It s up to your script to move, delete, or simply overwrite the existing file as appropriate.
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The following sections summarize the chapter in an intensive reference style. Use these sections to look up facts related to the chapter without the chatter.
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As mentioned, the __new_instance function was a worker function; the user never calls it directly. Now we ll define the function that the user employs to define a new class. Again, this has to be a global function; but this time, since the user calls it, we ll give it a conventional name.
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(The Stack of papers icon) LS-WTGL7AC is a listen-only and view-only library. You cannot import or add any songs from this library to your own library.
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Localizing using satellite assemblies A common method for localization is to use satellite assemblies containing the resources. Satellite assemblies are culture-specific assemblies that contain the resources of only one culture. These assemblies are registered together with the main assembly for the solution, and the resources are available through automatically generated classes. Using satellite assemblies isn t easy, and you must do some configuration.
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30 GB 4,000 2,000 10 Continued
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This is convenient for the built-in types, but it doesn t work for classes or structs because the sort routine doesn t know how to order them.
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No matter where tempdb is located, it should be located on the fastest I/O subsystem available to your SQL Server instance. Your hardware will limit what you can do, but you might want to consider the following options, assuming your hardware (and budget) permits:
When you retrieve a Bid from the database, the association property may hold an instance of an NHibernate generated subclass of Item that delegates all method invocations to a different instance of Item that is fetched lazily from the database (this is the more elaborate definition of an NHibernate proxy). In order to delegate method (and property) invocations, these members need to be virtual. NHibernate 1.2 uses a validator that verifies that proxied entities have a default constructor which isn t private, that they aren t sealed, that all public methods and properties are virtual, and that there is no public field. It s possible to turn off this validator; but you should carefully think about why you do that. Here is the element to add to your configuration file to turn it off:
CHAPTER 28: Social Networking
CocoaWGet: implementing code with Project Builder
Second, you ll need a terminating condition, something that tells the recursive function when it s gone deep enough. Here s one version of a recursive function that calculates a factorial:
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