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Building the interface The first step in creating the application is to construct the user interface in Interface Builder. The general cycle is to create your application s interface component, such as a window, populate it with interface controls by dragging each control from the Cocoa Views palette to the window, and connect the appropriate controls to program elements such as outlets and actions.
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This adds to the Stroke initialized in the previous example. You ll notice that this task is wrapped in a null check statement. The reason for this will become apparent as you complete the final step of drawing ink. The final step involves completing the Stroke. The Stroke needs to be completed when the user releases the input device or leaves the InkPresenter. For this reason, you need to handle two events: MouseLeave and MouseLeftButtonUp. These two events perform the tasks of nullifying the Stroke and releasing the input device, as shown in listing 8.6.
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Identifier mapping
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CHAPTER 4: You Go Squish Now! Debugging on the iPhone
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Listing 3.1 The Poker.Card class
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Editing with Methods
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Figure 11.7 Screen capture of the PwrSpiral GDI+ example form. This form is drawn by a PowerShell script. It will redraw itself in a different color every 5 seconds. It can also be started such that it will be displayed as a transparent window.
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C# Equivalent
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Foreground canvas
a program to track the traffic patterns in a city. You might want to differentiate between cars, trucks, delivery vehicles, buses, and other types of vehicles. It would be beneficial to define a core set of functions that all types of vehicles would employ, and then define additional functions for each type of vehicle as required. With inheritance, a Vehicle class could define this base functionality, and subsequent classes, called derived classes, would define additional functions for each vehicle type. For example, you might have the following:
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